• Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

    The soundtrack to Pitch Perfect 2 is a wonderful album. It has a great track line up and the music is easy to sing a long to. The music is what makes the movies as great as it is. They definitely had some amazing writers that made the soundtrack so memorable.

  • The Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack is nothing more the hyper-produced generixc music.

    To say the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack is far from perfect is a misnomer. The soundtrack is perfectly produced, so much so that the music is lost. This is a canned and premeditated soundtrack bereft of soul. This is a product of the times in that it is nothing more than fluff without substance.

  • The soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2 is not the best ever.

    The vocals on the soundtrack are not the best, some are sub par. The comedy is there, and the cheese factor adds to the soundtrack. It is not composed of all original songs and the covers are not phenomenal. There are plenty of original, emotional, strong soundtracks that are better than the Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack.

  • "Pitch Perfect 2" soundtrack is good but not best ever.

    Although the songs on the new "Pitch Perfect 2" soundtrack are very well done and put together, it would not be considered one of the best soundtracks ever. There have been so many exceptional soundtracks released, that in my opinion to say this is the best ever would be incorrect.

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