• Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense is really good.

    Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense is really good, but do not look past their offense either. The Steelers are one of the scariest teams in the league and might have a chance of winning the Super Bowl. They always perform at a high rate and should be closely watched by other teams.

  • Yes, it is.

    They have been playing really well. They have blocked quite a few touchdowns and have done a great job of defending against the two teams they have played so far this season. It is fair to say that the Steelers defense is going to take them to the Super Bowl.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers have very good defense

    The Pittsburgh Steelers' defense is very good this season. In the first two weeks of the 2016 season, the defense has played very well. They have effectively shut down the run in both weeks. Last Sunday, they held the Cincinnati Bengals in check, after that team scored on a very good Jets' defense the prior week.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have a good defense

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have a good defense. They team has shown this in their first two games. The front seven is really solid on this team, and they are going to be very good this year stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback. The only weak point may be the secondary.

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