• Yes, PlayStation Has More Variety

    Yes, the PlayStation is better than the Xbox, because the PlayStation offers a larger variety of games that has a more universal appeal. Games on a PlayStation look better than games played on an Xbox, especially when software made by someone else is used in the game. Additionally, PlayStation has more brand reputation, and is seen as "cooler" to young people. All of these things make it better.

  • Xbox is much better

    Sorry to the PlayStation players, but the Xbox is way better than the bad console. Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life Xbox for life

  • Xbox has better security

    No offense to Playstation gamers; but Xbox live has a much stricter security policy than Playstation Network. PSN got hacked twice in a very quick succession and a number of people had their identities stolen. Xbox live's security is much more secure and has yet to be hacked by someone.

  • Xbox is way more better no offence to psp

    I am so sorry but Xbox is better. Both are good but lets face the facts Xbox is better. When you have Xbox you are able to get a feature called Xbox live. You are able to chat with friends and do many things. The console is also more cheaper

  • Better Online Service

    The Xbox 360 had a way better service for Xbox Live than PlayStation Network. Because they had the budget from requiring money to play online, their internet service was simply better. PS3 got hacked and couldn't do anything about it, they didn't have the money. So I believe the Xbox is the better gaming console.

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