• Too complex and ripping off Digimon.

    I think I speak for all of us here when I say this franchise has jumped the shark in more ways than one. This includes the TV series (not even worth watching at all anymore), games (Mega Evos cheapen the whole thing and give off a bad Digimon ripoff vibe to me), etc.

  • For the tv...

    Yes. If your talking about the tv series yes. If your talking about the game no. The game is getting better. It could do with a more random story line but so could every game in my opinion. When it comes to Pokemon I believe the game series is one of the best. I should know because I've played them all.

  • Not at all

    Pokemon is not at a downward spiral rather it is going very upward. Look at Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for example and how amazing and all the hype for it. It is truly and amazing game and Pokemon will keep being a.P very successful franchise for years to come.

  • It is not.

    Pokémon is actually getting more positive feedback than ever before. Usually, the people that do not like them are like this: Imagine you are a child. You get around a thousand toys, and you hate all of them because you do not like the shape or color of a few. That is the kind of person that thinks Pokémon is on a downward spiral.

  • No, unless you are blind

    Everyone on this debate seems to have reading problems. They clearly said the GAME series, not the anime series. Anyway, Gen 1 was buggy (MissingNo, anybody?), had horrible graphics, had many unoriginal Pokemon (please tell me Pidgey isn't obviously a pigeon, especially with that name) and had serious issues with type weaknesses and strengths (remember Psychic types?). Newer generations have brought around massive new changes which made the old games obsolete. No more stupid bugs, much better graphics (X and Y look stunning and define the 3D on the 3DS), slightly more original Pokemon (Magmortar, Arceus, Torterra etc.) and every serious type issue fixed (with the addition of Fairy types, Dragons aren't nearly as overpowered as before).

  • Well if you say game series...

    Then no. If you say anime series then YES DEFINITELY! Aside from the fact that the number of episodes in the anime has many times exceeded the number of days in a year (not mentioning the fact that some episodes span more than a day) therefore the protagonist should already be older than 10, there is no character development in Ash, the main protagonist, at all. In fact, it appears that he keeps getting more childish by the season. This is probably because the Pokemon series is a great franchise for children, and if they actually make the story progress that means they'll have to end it sooner. Sad, I know, but that's life :(/

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