• Pokemon Go Game Crosses the Line

    Imagine somebody visiting the 9/11 memorial site just to catch a Pokemon creature: this sounds more than a bit insensitive to most of us. Recently Pokemon Go players were also asked to refrain from playing the game at the Holocaust Museum and the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC. Visitors to these institutions are meant to reflect somberly upon the terrible tragedies that they represent, and not to capture a rare "Ponyta" in the men's bathroom.

  • Yes, Pokemon Go is insensitive towards national landmarks.

    Yes, Pokemon Go is insensitive towards national landmarks. Users of Pokemon Go trespass on these lands to catch Pokemon, not to contribute to these landmarks. Some users disrespect these lands by leaving the lands worse than before and not paying attention to trash, etc. Pokemon Go spots should not be included in national landmarks.

  • Pokémon Go is not insensitive towards national landmarks

    To say that Pokémon Go is insensitive towards national landmarks is to say that national landmarks she'll sensitivity. Why are people so offended over every Little thing it goes on these days? Is it impossible for anyone to just go out and have fun anymore without some political narrative being attached to it?

  • Pokeman Gets People Out, but should be Sensitive

    I do not believe that the Pokemon Go game is intentionally being insensitive to national landmarks. Though I do not play the game myself, I can support their ability to get people who love video games out of the house and on the go. I think it gives people who would not typically visit those landmarks a reason to go and it is up to the person playing to be sensitive to where they are and maybe it will make them stop and look around for a moment and take in some of the beautiful and thought provoking parks of the world that they haven't yet seen.

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