• Restricted Committed Relationships

    I personally think that the polyamory definition is restricted to committed relationships because polyamory is multiple wives or husbands that are married to one particular woman or man. I personally think that the restricted committed relationships are just a wife and a husband that is married. I personally think that the polyamore is multiple partners that are married.

  • Quite the opposite.

    No, the polyamory definition is not restricted to committed relationships, because a person who is truly in a committed relationship is not having multiple other partners. It is the person who is not in a committed relationship who might be having polyamory relationships with others. Polyarmory cannot exist in a relationship where there is true commitment.

  • No, many of the polyamorous love whomever they will

    Polyamory means loving many, and implies loving freely, at
    least according to those who practice it. By this definition, the polyamorous
    permit themselves to love whom they will. Not all marriages are the same, however, and
    perhaps some of the polyamorous are less radical in their practices. Naturally,
    it is up to those in a relationship to decide how each member will behave.

  • Any relationship can be polyamorous.

    The polyamory definition is not restricted to committed relationships. Women who engage in relationships with many men as their standard are polyamorous. They might not intend to be with the same man or they might intend to be committed, but the definition is not restricted in any way. Some people mistake this term because they confuse it with men's polygamy arrests with marriage.

  • No, It Isn't

    Polyamory is defined as the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. To me the definition indicates a personal level of identification therefore it is a term that applies to the eye of the beholder and not so much outside forces.

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