Is the Pope really the messenger for God on Earth?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • Of course he is

    He said he is. The Church said he is. So obviously he is.
    Think about it.
    If he's not, then how does he have God telling him what we should do? If he wasn't the messenger for God, then why is God speaking to him directly? This is obviously irrefutable fact and proof that he is God's messenger on earth, Peace be Upon Him.

  • Not its all

    Nonsense and if he believes this he is in need of a psychiatrist by definition anyone who believes this nonsense when an adult needs to wake up.I will say one thing what a marvellous money making racket where "the flock " turn up weekly for there fleecing and the Pope is running one of the best fleecing operations going.

  • There is no God.

    Therefore the pope could not possibly send messages from him. Most likely the pope either assumes he is, or fakes it. This is true for all people who think they can channel god, Pat Robertson, etc. They have been proven wrong every time, while I agree with many of the new popes stances, I do not think he knows god.

  • God doesn't need a man to rule over his church

    Think about it. Christ said himself that he is the groom and the church is the bride. The church needs to ruler because Christ reigns over it. The idea that a mortal, corruptible man should have the authority to stop people from entering heaven with a snap of his fingers is absurd. Men can be bribed, pressured and threatened. Christ cannot.

  • Of course NO!

    God gives us message through every which way possible. Nature plays the biggest role in such messages. Air, time, water, earth, birth, death, love, anger, etc. Everything is a message from God. God doesn't need morons like Pope, Priest or Mulla to deliver His message. The one who believe in such so called lunatic messengers are insulting God.

  • No, he is not.

    Organised religion in its current form, is not what the creator had in mind. They have tried to turn into a money making business, that goes against what is requested by the creator in the first place. It should be clear to people, reading the bible, this was an issue. The pope has no authority what so ever, nor does he know how to interpret religious texts correctly. It is kind of sad actually.

  • No he's not.

    Check out Bro. Eli Soriano's Bible expositions on Youtube. He's the only person that debated against many other religions and he never lose. He would not just assume and make nonsense statements. He only say facts from the Bible. He leads the religion called "The Old Path." It originated from Philippines. Also there is a prophecy on the Bible that the true religion will rise on where the sun is rising. The sun rises on the east, Philippines is on the southeast. And it's also the only country that most accepted the Bible. He preaches facts according to the Bible and Christianity over 20+ hours a day. He also broadcast preaches all over the country using satellite. This religion isn't about money-- unlike most religions. There are Tagalog and English versions on youtube. He is currently in South America and he successfully started over 40 The Old Path Locals in just Brazil itself. Last month, over 200 people were baptized. I was a former Catholic. But he explained all the misleading and invalid things about Catholic religion. Catholic doesn't strictly follows the Bible. Although they claim that they do. In The Old Path, after reading a verse(s), Bro. Daniel and Bro. Eli Soriano will explain what the verse(s) really meant. I was also enlightened about these expositions, there are things that I thought I know, about being a true Christian but I was wrong. Please take a time to watch Bro. Eli's Bible Expositions and Debates on Youtube. I'm not doing this for us, I'm typing all these for you readers. To learn the true Christianity and to be saved. There are English and Tagalog versions. Just please find it. Thanks be to God.

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