• The populace is negatively affected by the influence of television.

    Television is known to be a bad influence on people. It is a waste of time, and it prevents people from doing more important things. Everything knows that television companies produce programs that feature too much sex and violence in order to attract viewers. These shows ae bad for children.

  • Yes, especially reality shows.

    On the whole, there is a lot of good in tv programming today but you have to look for it. What is problematic is the excess of reality show programming that exists. It is encouraging the populace, especially youngsters, to believe that narcissism, meanness, and foul language are the normative ways to behave with family and friends.

  • The womens weight

    Yes, I do think that the influence of television has negatively affected the populace, especially teen girls, and boys. The ideal weight is shown as way below you should actually be, and teen girls are starving themselves so that they will reach this weight that is supposed to make you look best.

  • Yes, they are

    the populace is negatively affected by the influence of television, but there is a specific reason why. There is stuff on 24 hours per day, seven days per week. And the news is always on. There is never any time for everyone to just shut down and call it a night.

  • It is our common ground.

    No, the populace is not negatively affected by the influence of television, because the influence of television allows to have some things in common. Specifically, we can all talk about what was on television. Television also allows us to see what is going on in our world, and experience current events, like the Olympics.

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