Is the popularity of cricket crushing the hope of other sports in India?

  • Yes, the popularity of cricket is crushing other sports in India.

    The popularity of cricket definitely crushes the chances of other sports in India. All the evidence that you need is to look at the similar effect of football in the United States. Football has essentially led to soccer being no longer an option for males in college. Very few school field a men's soccer team. This has crushed America's ability to compete on a national level in soccer. The same is true of cricket in India.

  • As India becomes more integrated with the world, other sports will emerge.

    Although cricket is a very popular sport in India, it's also very popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other places. Yet, that has not limited the growth of other sports in these other places, such as soccer. As India becomse more connected via the TV and Internet to other sports, you will see other sports rise in popularity there.

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