• Yes: The Post PC Era is Real

    I believe the question is referring to what has been called the post PC era, in which the sale of PC's has drastically dropped off. The fact that PC's can last a while and at the same time that tablets are taking off, has demonstrated that this is likely a trend. If technology advances and people continue their pathological pursuit of integration with their machines, I imagine we will see a day in which individuals plug themselves into the net. Another, perhaps more likely scenario, is a global disruption caused by peak oil, economic break down, or climate change, which disrupts technology and brings the PC era to a screeching halt.

  • It really works.

    Yes, the post PC ear is real, because it really can be controlled quite easily. They have to develop it of course. The first PCs were a far cry from what we have today. But the quality is coming along. It shows a lot of potential. Demand is quite high for this type of product, so engineers are continuing to work on it.

  • Yes, I think it is real

    I think it is real,but I think the tech is far away from being perfect. The issue is its design. They also have to design the tiny computer that goes with it. I doubt it will catch on with anyone,but the disabled. I think it is a great idea though.

  • A Smaller Market Share

    I do not believe the post PC era is real, not at this time anyway. I make use of my PC based laptop everyday and it makes me a living. I couldn't do what I do with a tablet or an Android operating system, I need a little more power. While PCs may have a smaller market share, that doesn't mean they're dead.

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