• Yes!! This is what happens to blacks in a white world.

    The man is black and the background is white. It's clearly saying that only blacks can go missing in war or be killed in action. This is total mysogony! These white supremacists are hurting my race and I'm absolutely tired of it. Stop being so racist and grow the fuck up! Even this national flag is racist. I'm moving to canada!!!!

  • Lack of Evidence

    Recently in the news, a reporter claimed that the POW/MIA Flag is racist. So, I wondered what others thought about whether or not the Flag is racist? In my opinion, it is not, because if you see the news article, the reporter who claimed that it was "racist" gave no reason as to why it was "racist". He is just making a ridiculous claim, probably trying to receive his few minutes of fame.

    If we look at the Confederate Flag, I could see some reasons of why that could be considered racist, with the whole Civil War and the South being the enemies. Its still debatable of whether or not the Confederate Flag is still racist to this day, but at least there is some evidence to state why its racist. The POW/MIA Flag really has no sign of racism in its display or image, so it really can't be racist unless evidence was given.

  • How is it racist?

    The person depicted on the flag isn't definitively one race or another. This is just another example of the freakish lie-beral communist traitor degenerates trying to make an issue out of a non-issue! I think people ought to turn their energies towards some REAL issues, Not a bunch of phantom ones like this.

  • Flag not racist

    Why exactly would the flag be racist if p.O.W m.I.A stands for prisoner of war missing in action? Like where does it say the flag is being racist. All it is doing is respecting the soldiers who where either taking prisoner or the ones who never came back from war.

  • Thinking something is racist doesn't make it so.

    Racism isn't just some feeling we project when we see something, despite what the mainstream has come to think of it as, it is active discrimination, from one group of people to another group of people, based on a prejudice fueled by stereotypes, superiority complex, and hate. This flag represents the imprisonment of soldiers taken by a country hostile to the United States. Barbed wire, chains, and watch towers are not exclusive to racism. And the color scheme serves as indication of it's somber nature, not a projection of a particular group.

    By applying the idea of racism to everything, we fail to move away from it. We continually bring it to center stage when most of us agree that the last scene should've been it's last. This fear of what could be hinders us just as much as what really is.

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