Is the president of France's opinion on who will win in US presidential election accurate?

  • Yes, Donald Trump is campaigning on principles that are two divisive for uniting the American people.

    The French president's abnormally vocal opinion on U.S. politics was accurate because of the nature of Trump's presidential campaign. Highly controversial and polarizing, Donald Trump's views have already began dividing the country. For a candidate to win the United States presidency, they must unite the American people in a common goal. However, the former reality star and real estate mogul has only proven his ability to divide.

  • Yes it is accurate.

    The President of France has backed Hillary Clinton as the winner, and he is likely right as to who will win, and his prediction is likely true. Trump only has a small number of vocal supporters, and poll after poll shows just about anyone beating him. The only way he will win is if his detractors do not take him seriously.

  • No, the statistics are not accurate

    France president statistics is not objective and accurate, but it's build on the country policitcal situation, so this result can't be reliable and not only that France statistics are based on the security situation emerging in this country as well as the outcome of this statistics is build on Islamophobia that euro afraid of

  • No one really knows the outcome

    The French are guessing like the rest of us. No one knows who will be the next president of the United States. He's probably hoping like the rest us that calmer more logical minds prevail. His opinion will not sway anyone over here at all. We realize the world is watching and forming opinions but we really don't care.

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