Is the press free to interfere in the lives of celebrities?

  • Yes they should

    They should be able to because its up to them to see what they do, we want to know what there doing in the free time which we should be able to with no problem at all, if they don't like it, they shouldn't be celebrities, that is my opinion

  • To a certain extent it's expected

    As part of being a celebrity they should be use to the press. The press is the one that helps them obtain their status. If it was not for the press most of these people if not all of them would not be where they are at with money and other sorts of things.

  • Everyone have the right to privacy included celebrity

    As universal declaration of human right said that everyon have freedom of opinion and thought . What does that mean ? It means that everyone included celebrity have the right to privacy . Let's think if you are celebrity , then all of your problem are being broadcasted around the world . You'll be furious . Public will hate you because press will sway public opinion . Press shouldn't allowed to violates the celebrity privacy

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