• Yes, the housing prices are too high.

    Yes, I think that the housing prices are too high EVERYWHERE not just in America. The newest generation is not purchasing anything because it is all too expensive and we all don't want to be in debt so the market is going to end up hitting rock bottom because we can't afford it.

  • Housing prices in America are too high.

    Housing prices in America today are without a doubt too high. Speculation in the real estate market and the ill-founded belief that real estate values must always go up is creating another housing bubble that will eventually pop. The housing market of much of the 20th century relied on young individuals and families purchasing homes early, and moving on to larger homes when the circumstances permitted it. These days, young Americans cannot afford to buy houses, and this will lead to a significant shift in the role real estate and housing plays in the economy for years to come.

  • Yes, the price of housing in America is far too high.

    Especially considering that buildings in America are getting tackier and uglier, the price of houses is out of control. Housing is a basic human right, and designating it only for the privileged is a sign of the growing social injustice in this country. There are more empty houses than there are homeless people.

  • Yes, I believe that the price of housing in America too high?

    Yes, I fully do believe that the price of housing in America too high at current. It is nearly impossible to house ourselves here in America without having a fairly sizable income. It would be completely impossible for a person putting themselves through college with a part time job to house themselves in a reasonable area.

  • Housing varies regionally

    Some places prices are perfectly fine most are not. Where I live they are terrible the housing market is high and old poorly maintained homes go for more than they should or are rented at a high rate. All of the decent apartment buildings are low income so if you make more but not allot more you have very little for options and most of those options are not nice at all. But overall rental prices are out of control it is one of the reasons the poor get poorer most places rent is more a month than a mortgage.

  • I live on the streets

    My child out of wed lock is not supported by its father. I do not have money to support my kid and pay for an apt much less a house. Americans need to make the baby daddys pay because this is getting out of hand and im crying while i am typing this :'(

  • No anyone with a good job can find a nice home.

    I am amazed by the amount of housing I am able to get with my regular income. Also if you have a low income, there are plenty of rental options which are available.

    If you have a job, and dont buy things you cant afford (ie. Debt) you can afford a home in this country.

    Housing is very fair in this country.

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