• The prison system is undeniably corrupt

    With things like "three strikes and you're out" policies applying to things like small amounts of marijuana in possession, to name just one of many absurd ways somebody can go away for a long time, how can anybody argue the prison-industrial complex isn't corrupt? These crimes aren't treated this harshly because anybody enforcing the laws cares that much, it's about keeping the prisons full so the people running them make money.

  • More than you realize

    I worked as an inmate clerk for one of the industries inside a correctional facility. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars being made off of cheap human labor! I saw some of the income figures for our "furniture factory" while working as a clerk and believe me, it was a lot of money! I have seen my state go from being a timber industry to a prison industry. People are making money off of other peoples misery and its wrong! We are all human beings, not human slaves!

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