• The Pro-choice Movement is Not Selfish

    I don't feel that the pro-choice movement is selfish at all. Any and every movement such as this has the right to move forward in their beliefs. Why should this cause be considered selfish compared to others. Many may not agree with the procedures and ideas but that should cause the movement to be labeled selfish.

  • How is it not?

    With the increasing numbers of orphan children, Growing up, Potentionally never to have a steady parent, It's wrong to expect parents who 1, Can't support a child financially, Or 2, Don't want a child, To birth and raise a child that can't feed and support them or love as they never wanted them in the first place. And it's not fair for a rape victim to raise a child that reminds them every day about what happened to them. I understand not everyone is like it, But some are.
    I don't know about America, But majority of abortions in Australia permit you from aborting a child after so many weeks. So when a woman gets an abortion the fetus, Technically isn't even a functioning human at this point. No brain it heart, So really, Your not killing life if it hasn't formed yet.

  • Let google answer.

    Simple.Everyone in social media, I have seen, are getting their "facts" from google on the reasons why a woman aborting is okay, it's a choice, it's right to do it, and why sometimes, according to them, it's better for a child to not exist. I am completely against this. Life is not perfect, but it's worth living.

    Anyway. It's not pro-choice.

    It's pro-selfish. Because according to the definition from google, the word selfish is defined as, "(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure."

    Are they really doing it for the future-human? (since according to social media, they cannot be call fetuses or children) Because if they were they would not be aborting him/her. They would give that individual an opportunity. Because, I mean, we live in America. We have all means of help, we have it all. For the sake of this planet, we are wealthy enough to be creating all these missions out in space to figure out things and I mean. Are we really going off to kill other people to allow our own people kill their future children? How is this okay

    America needs to wake up. Killing children is not okay. Whatever the circumstance is. It is not okay. They don't deserve it.

  • We can't ignore the party effected.

    The claim that this is about women's rights is ridiculous. Women have unrestricted access to literally every other medical procedure they can get.

    To make a question of the make-up of a human life into an argument for the 'right' to terminate that life is selfish, plain and simple.

    If the pro-choice movement would make arguments about the humanity of the fetus, then I'd be much more supportive, but as it stands now, it's selfish, narcissistic, and ignorant.

    You don't fire a gun into a crowd and complain about your right to shoot it, do you?

  • The pro-choice movement exists for power: How the left lies to women.

    Not only does the movement promote a selfish, narcissistic attitude - by giving the illusion that better 'laid' plans supersede accountability, but it propagates the idea that the trade off is too great a sacrifice for a bit of your life - to carry a baby to term and give it life. It abnormally shuts down natural responses to nurturing the new life which is a part of YOU.

  • Naturally, utterly and completely.

    It is obviously selfish, indeed selfish as it can get, because one is not, as many people would like to believe, merely a decision about one's own body, but a decision involving the body, nay, the whole possible life of another being.

    Not realizing this is even worse, and goes beyond mere selfishness.

  • NO

    How is it selfish for me to decide what to do with my own body?

    Other than that, it's kind of ridiculous to assume that women are just going in to get an abortion without thinking about it and agonizing about it. It's just plain, flat out lying to act like the decision is easy for them.

    Women are doing what's best for everybody involved, the potential child included, for the most part when they choose to get an abortion. I know that's hard for most people to understand, but sometimes reality is a harsh mistress.

  • No

    I don't believe it's selfish in the least. Its your body after all. You do what you want with it. Maybe the reason she's getting an abortion is because she can't raise the kid, or has the means of giving the kid a healthy environment to live in. Its like asking what is more selfish. Giving birth to a baby you can't support or having the baby you can't support.

  • No, the pro-choice movement is anything BUT selfish.

    The pro-choice movement is about a woman's CHOICE to do what she wants with her body. It is the exact opposite of selfish. Making a woman carry fetus to term when she does not want to because of your beliefs is selfish. You are forcing her to behave in a manner that you want her to. It is selfless to allow someone to make their own choice whether or not it is the choice you would choose for yourself. If you force a woman to carry a fetus she does not want then she will not respect her body or the fetus and wouldn't care for herself properly like someone who wanted the pregnancy would. There would be a higher rate of FAS babies being born and babies addicted to other various substances.

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