Is the pro-life/anti-choice movement more about punishing a woman than 'saving' a fetus?

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  • No, being pro-life is not intended to punish a woman.

    Being pro-life is not about punishing a woman. Most people who are pro-life are instead concerned with saving children's lives, whether those children stay with their birth mothers, or are put up for adoption. When the pregnancy somehow "punishes" a woman, or could be stressful on her (such as her becoming pregnant due to rape, or a high-risk pregnancy), many pro-life people believe in exceptions so that her mental and/or physical safety is ensured above the child's.

  • No, the pro-life movement is not more about punishing a woman.

    Although a few of the pro-life members may be aiming more to punish women, I think it is safe to say that a majority of pro-life members legitimately want to save fetuses. What they want to do to save fetuses may infringe on the rights of women, but their focus seems to primarily be on the rights of the fetus. The infringing of women's' rights takes a back burner to the safety of the fetus in their minds.

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