• Racism is no longer a valid excuse...

    Funnily enough, it's usually white people complaining about racism, very rarely do I ever see a black claiming they've been subjected to racism. If it does exist, it doesn't mean anything, because you simply cannot act on your racist views. So if you are a racist, it doesn't mean anything.

  • Americas Reverse Rasism

    I'm 100% white: married to an Asian and related to a black. I am not racist. However, America keeps racism alive through privilege, for example black scholarships... What about white scholarships? Would America automatically be called racist if we gave out WHITE MALE scholarships? What if we had white history month? Racist again, huh? My husband (half white, half black) was told he did not get a large scholarship because they needed to give it to a black person instead. He was even told he was more fit but to to racial issues he was not allowed the scholarship. This is turning into REVERSE RACISM! I have personally even been looked down upon by a black lady for being white, and not a single person said anything to her because somehow that is acceptable.

  • racism in the u.s

    I agree because legislation has since been enacted to combat racism. Although racism and racist remarks still abound in American society, the large majority of both occurred in the past. African Americans insist that racism is still a current issue though because it serves as their excuse. Thats why I agree with them.

  • The answer is yes AND no.

    I completely agree with maxtr. Obviously, the presence of racism is not at all what it once was. But, to reiterate what he said, if we were all the same skin color, there would still be inequality. Inequality does not exist solely because of our diversity of cultures in this country. There are inequalities on so many levels. I believe a lot of the focus on race, along with many of the other issues, comes through from media and government manipulation. They want us to remain torn apart as a nation so we are easier to control and less likely to cause an uprising against them. A constant "imbalance" in society is always in need of "balancing" by the powers that be. Hopefully, one day people will finally wake up and realize what is really going on and stop feeding the political agenda.

  • Racism is on the way out.

    When I was in school we didn't discriminate or hate someone because of their skin. We all ate lunch together and everything was fine. One of the big problems is government. I believe that they are the racists, they created it and control it. Look at how the government is allowing groups to segregate themselves again. Most people could care less about who or where a person is from. The real question is how are they as a person. Don't get me wrong there will always be small groups of every race that will be hating on the other. But for the majority we don't care anymore. People just need to relax now and let move forward. The idea of America is a mixed culture that is was is so great about this place. Now where else in the world can you see the mixing of culture. That is why we need to stop allowing groups to segregate themselves. This is going to cause more problems that it will solve.

  • I believe so

    I think that racism is truly a thing of the past, but if its not now most likely it will be very soon. Most people of the younger generation just couldn't care less the color of someones skin, so I really don't think racism is a problem anymore. In response to zoro98020....Obama is a horrible president. And I don't say this because he has darker skin. Frankly, I find your statement quite foolish.

  • Yes. The definition of 'racism' is contained in your question.

    Racism as defined here is represented by both Law and public attitudes and actions from a different era.
    It goes without saying that such racism isn't extinct but has diminished to a point that persons of color aren't unduly hampered from prospering themselves to the extent of their several abilities.
    My statement also assumes the question is directed at those with money, influence and government and not from the perspective of crude persons with no such authority or position.
    I answer this question not from the literal but from the practical.
    Lastly, if it were possible that all humans magically turned the same color tonight, the legacy of those that are poor and uneducated will perpetuate itself for generations to come. This is what is happening now to a great extent. Yet 100% of the blame for the condition is 'racism'.

  • Mostly? Yes

    Its still around but it is much more watered down compared to what it was in the 1970's. Hell when Rodney King was beaten by white cops there were riots in the streets of LA for weeks with fires everywhere, when Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin a couple of schools had marches but that was it.

    Racism used to be really prevalent and really hostile, THAT kind of racism, violent and widespread, is mostly a thing of the past. Mostly

  • Yes.

    Keyword: Mostly. Although there is still some mild racism, and a few racist groups still exist, racism is for the most part gone. Almost no one would intentionally or directly discriminate against a particular race today. Slavery is gone. The Jim Crow laws are gone. Racism in America is no longer a significant issue.

  • I think that racism is a thing of the past, as people today seem much more tolerant.

    I really think that racism is falling to the side in our country. People seem much more tolerant of everyone in our society. I do not see hate crimes against racial groups or negative slurs. I think, in a few more years, it will be totally erased from our country.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • Racism is still a big problem currently.

    Racism still exists in America, and no one can deny it. You see it everywhere, and people have just gotten used to it, but they will mentally judge people because of their race and colour. It is sad that people can't get over this, and it is even sadder that people are still allowing this to happen. A very recent example of this is the shootings in Ferguson of Michael Brown. Racism is still a thing today.

  • Sadly, the problem of racism in the US is not a thing of the past because there are cases of it everywhere you look.

    It is sad to say, but racism still exists in this day and age. It has different forms then it had in the past, but it still exists. There are severe cases of reverse discrimination going on now which in turn create resentment toward the races that are favored. So this continues to be a very vicious circle that I do not think will ever be resolved.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, the problem of racism is alive and well in the U.S., and you can see proof of it every day in the news and in casual conversations, wherever you go.

    Two-hundred years ago, racism was literally and figuratively black and white. Nowadays, it is not always so readily apparent. Whether it is calling insults to someone from a passing car, boycotting a business owned by a minority member, or using racial slurs when talking to friends or family, it is still propagating a divisiveness between the races that too many people would like to pretend no longer exists. When racism escalates to where it breaks a local, state, or federal law, we call them "hate crimes", which makes it sound so much better. Like the problem is "hate" (like you might hate broccoli or fish), not racism. But, no matter what we call it, we still have an abundance of it and always will, until we look at a person and see not their race, but that they are a human being.

    Posted by: SquealingLeroy
  • Racism continues to be an enormous problem in the United States, which can be clearly shown by evidence.

    Racism has certainly decreased in the United States, since the days of the Civil Rights Movement. But it remains one of the biggest problems facing America. Many examples show how racism remains today. For example, fringe right-wing groups call President Obama a "Kenyan", or a "Nigerian", which is a thinly veiled racist slur. Law enforcement continues to discriminate. For example, marijuana usage rates are similar among blacks, whites, and Hispanics in New York City, but over 90% of those arrested for marijuana in that city are Black or Hispanic. Recently, there has been an upswing in racism against Arab people, counting them all as terrorists or fundamentalist Muslims. These, and many more examples, show that racism is still a problem today.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • The problem of racism is still alive in America, and this is evident when you think about different groups and organizations that promote it.

    The KKK still meets, and is still an active group. There are also Nazis here in America that have meetings. As long as those groups are active, it shows racism is still here.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • No, racism is not gone, it simply has a different face now.

    I feel that this issue will always be on the forefront of every major American divide until the BET channel is deemed racist, Asian-only award shows are deemed unconstitutionally exclusive, and governmental grants are not given for those companies that employ a certain minority quota. Racism is no longer exclusive to the whites against blacks. Now, it's every race for itself, and for this war, everyone has been drafted.

    Posted by: Random29667
  • NO it never went away

    Segregation and other racists things became whitewashed. Now segregation is private charter school. Housing segregation our gated communities and applications.
    Racist language is now changed with welfare recipiants lazy people.
    An old white man went to go stab a black man because he had married a girl and tainted the "race"
    There is no white race just a bunch of delusion people believing they are a superior race when they are killing themselves.
    I get called ugly racist names but I am not the balding white boy taking drugs.

  • The confederate flag is not racist

    I don't think that the confederate flag is a symbol of racism because it was originally used by the confederate army of the south in the U. S civil war. And more than 150 years later the flag is still here. Many say that the confederate flag is a symbol of their ancestors.

  • People are people

    That is a true statment but many people dont belive that they do care what u look like. Black white asian hispanic we are all the same on the inside but many people would not say that. I think a large portion is how you were raised so i think the parents of the world need to do something.

  • Pick up a newspaper

    How many people of color need to be shot before we realize that racism is not a thing of the past. It may never be a thing of the past, but certainly in this society it will not go anywhere anytime soon. Wake up, America. Stop with the stagnation, make some progress to the future we want our children to have.

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-29T06:20:52.383
One of our time's most talented and successful actors had to create a stage name in order to get the respect he deserved, and even to be considered for a gig. By looking at him (and his sons) you would think he was a good ole white American [Irishman]. By simply changing his name from one of Hispanic origin to one that sounds more Anglican, he changed the path of his career from a pool stagnation to an uphill flowing river. He was given the name Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez is now better known as Martin Sheen. Now, the question is: Would Ramon have been given all the jobs given to Martin? Maybe, but probably not. More importantly: Would a more Hispanic looking and darker skinned Martin Sheen been even looked at for those parts? Most probably not. This is white privilege. A (generally) white sounding name and a white looking guy getting particular consideration because of his Anglican name and more caucasian appearance. (Other similar name changes: Rita Hayworth, Vanna White, Bruno Mars, Raquel Welch, Joanna Kerns)
AnonyFeline says2013-05-29T07:49:16.470
The following link speaks for itself:

Anonymous says2013-07-03T14:00:35.110
Why is "racism" a problem? Who decided this for me and when? Why can't I enjoy living in an area free of "gangstas, yo", why can't there be a place where I don't have to lock my doors? Where I live, we are fortunate enough to lack "diversity" or the problems that come with it. That is not a problem for the people in this area and if some effeminates on the TV want to call me a racist, I don't care. Birds of a feather have always flocked together, it's natural.

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