Is the proposal to tax internet sales a good one?

  • Yes, internet sales should be taxed.

    States should be able to collect sales tax on goods purchased online. With the creating of the online empire a lot of tax revenue is lost as a result. This unfairly causes a lack of revenue for governments. In order to prevent governments from raising other taxes, sales tax should be collected on internet sales.

  • Taxes level the playing field.

    One of the attractions to Internet commerce has been that many of the sites do not collect tax. This is unfair competition for local stores with a presence in our communities, who are obligated to collect that sales tax. While in the beginning that tax-free system might have been necessary to jumpstart Internet commerce, today we should be collecting taxes.

  • It's very unfair

    This should not be place as an official tax for people since they should have the right to use something with out having to pay. People have to pay for everything and taxes and bills already that they have its to much for them it shouldn't go on it's unfair?

  • A nightmare for online businesses

    As an owner of a small online business, I will have to pay state taxes to fifty states. I have no representation on these tax rates, it's a huge paperwork mess, and I don't get to see the benefits of the money spent. In addition, my CPA will need to raise their prices significantly in order to accommodate this. I can't afford this, which means potentially one less business on American soil.

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