Is the public's right to know greater than the individual's right to privacy?

  • The public has a right to know who they ere voting for to run their country.

    With current issues rising putting the moral character of law officials in question, Government legitimacy will be protected as information can be shared and available without consequence to those most affected.
    Hugh Lafollette - Author of the book Ethics in practice, 3rd edition (2007) also emphasizes this
    “Knowing that we ought to behave in a certain way, Yet missing an opportunity to exercise moral behaviour, Is an indication of the need to “sharpen moral vision. ” If, As people aspiring to become law enforcement officers, We develop the virtue of perseverance by staying in shape, We are more likely to hone that skill when we are working in law enforcement. We will be able to draw on that virtue when needed for even more serious situations, Not only in law enforcement, But in other challenges that we may face in life. ”

  • I think that a person's privacy should be important

    While I understand that the public way want to know a number of things about certain individuals, I think that we should keep in mind an individuals privacy and how it should be respected. I don't think that we should have the ability to force someone to give up information.

  • It should be upto the individual to be transparant

    Transparency is something expected of government, and people running for government office, and maybe those in positions of power. While we would like to see more transparency among leaders, this is not their obligation, just as the public is not obligated to accept their lack of transparency. Only for those who have committed serious crimes should there be an exception to this rule. The public has little, if any, right to know in regards to individual privacy.

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