Is the punishment for molestation and rape enough?

Asked by: openmindedheart
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  • No sadly its not.

    No the punishment for rape and molestation is not enough. Many people might say that rapist deserve to die when I think about how hard it would be on the rape victim and the cruelty of the act I would agree but murder isn't going to fix anything. The reason I asked this question is because I've heard of a story where a man raped(molested) his daughter and their friend but only went to jail for 5 years. There are many other cases like this and I don't think its right.

  • I can only speak for the American's justice system, but no, it is not nearly enough.

    Rape should be only second to murder in my opinion, and yet the sentences are short, and they can be terribly hard to convict (a family friend who turned out to be a pedophile took nearly 3 years to convict even though he admitted to it, we almost dropped the case altogether like many victims are forced to).

    The trauma from the victim will last forever though, and the rapist isn't any less dangerous after being in jail a few years. They should be locked away so that law abiding citizens aren't in fear of their neighbors, and children aren't too afraid to play outside by themselves anymore. Having rapists free makes everyone else less free, and it's unacceptable that it's taken so lightly.

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