• It is moral, but it depends on the punishment.

    Punishment of juvenile offenders can be moral if the punishment is appropriate. Juveniles shouldn't be treated like little criminals. They should be given help in addition to the punishment. The punishment should almost never include being incarcerated. Community service is a good punishment for juvenile offenders because it teaches them hard work.

  • Within limits it is

    Juvenile offenders should be punished for their crimes - an entire court system exists purely in order to do this, and they can't simply be released after committing any crime. Still, the punishments in many countries are far too harsh, and the focus is too set on punitive measures, rather than rehabilitation.

  • Yes it is.

    The punishment of juvenile offenders is moral. Just because someone is under the age of 18 commits a crime, does not protect them from the laws and rules that people need to obey. If they go unpunished, it is more then likely that they will become offender when they become adults.

  • The punishment of juvenile defenders is moral.

    The punishment of juvenile defenders is moral. If some one does not punish them not, when they are young and impressionable, they will feel that they can commit more crimes in the future. This is bad for our society, so it is very good that they are being punished now.

  • The punishment of juvenile offenders is moral.

    The punishment of juvenile offenders is moral. They should be punished for their actions that they decided to take when they committed the crime. Juveniles who commit horrible crimes should be punished as anyone else no matter what their age is. Courts want to give juveniles a second chance for the most part.

  • Yes, they broke the law.

    Yes, the punishment of juvenile offenders is moral, because they should pay a penalty for breaking the law. It is only fair that a person is told that their actions are wrong, in the form of punishment. The person should be disabled from living in society before they have a chance to hurt anyone else.

  • Someone has to teach them.

    There is nothing wrong with punishing juvenile offenders. If the juveniles parents are not going to raise them someone else is forced to do so. All too often that someone else is the juvenile court system. Children need to be taught right from wrong. The Bible tells us that if we spare the rod we will spoil the child. All children need discipline. If this doesn't happen at home it has to happen somewhere else.

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