Is the Puritan society and belief system to blame for the Salem Witch Trials?

  • Puritains are responsible

    Due to their strong beliefs in religion so far they would do most anything for it made them gullible. Therefore making the Salem witch trials easily happen. . . They were gullible and the people who said other were witches used the gullibility against them. So therefore puritans are the reason for the Salem witch trials.

  • Of course it was

    They were 100% responsible for it. Any other crime with as little evidence/unreliable evidence as there was in a witchcraft case would've been thrown out as frivolous. They might have had decent intentions but it's not the road to heaven that's paved with good intentions is it? It was even worse because the slightest finger point was a damning blow. Even the elderly, disabled,and children weren't immune....I read about a modern day one in africa of a 2 year old abandoned to die because they were accused. A 2 YEAR OLD. Luckily the kid was rescued but that's how insane it goes.

  • The Puritan society and belief system is to blame for the Salem Witch Trials.

    The Puritan society and belief system is to blame for the Salem Witch Trials. With out their vindictive beliefs on witches, no one would be tried and killed for their strange practices. They would just be a weird abnormality of the community. The Puritans believes that they should be killed, and that's why the Salem Witch Trials were so bloody.

  • Puritan belief systems largely contributed to the witch hunts

    Because of the Puritan belief that witches existed and were products of Satan, the Salem Witch Trials were a result of mass hysteria resulting from the belief that people were being possessed by those witches. Because any religious belief carries with it a certain amount of closed-mindedness, Puritan societies believed that witches were definitely the cause of certain happenings, instead of trying to find the real reason for them.

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