• In general, One of the benefits of a college education is mind expansion.

    Through going to college, The student's knowledge base is increased, A situation that helps to improve decision making throughout a person's life. Education also helps students to raise questions, About policies, And socio-economic systemic trends, Changes, And frameworks that affect all populations. Therefore, Educated people are more capable of taking actions that are for the greatest good of all.

  • College Education- Waste of money or necessary?

    In my opinion, a college education is almost completely necessary in this day of age. Although some people argue that it is not required, I believe that attending college does expand the mind. When a person attends college, he or she experiences new things and meets people from all over the world. Currently a college student, I feel that my mind has grown exponentially since coming here.

  • Yes, a college education can expand the mind.

    I definitely think that the purpose of a college education is to expand the mind. I think that a college education helps people to get an education that will further their horizons and be able to learn more than the average person. I also think that it greatly helps in regards to getting a job.

  • No, it's to get a job

    The purpose of college education is to get a good paying job. It is pointless to try to expand your mind at a university. Professors do not live in the real world and therefore the knowledge they give you is not practical. They tell you stuff that sounds good, but ignores the way the world actually works.

  • It really is not anymore.

    While you do learn some useful and interesting things in college, I do not believe that that is the point of college anymore. I believe that college has evolved into a necessity to get a job now so that the whole entire point of college is to earn a degree, not learn

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