Is the purpose of life to get money, live and die?

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  • The way that society has become, Yes

    Everything in life has a cost, School is about getting the best job so you can make money. The world revolves around money, Everyone's existance depends in resources, Which cost money to obtain. You could argue that you can get metal for free by mining and refining it yourself, But the tools you need costs money. The uneven way wealth is distributed is terrible. Thanos was RIGHT! The universe has a limited number of resources and not enough to go around. If life is left unchecked it will destroy itself. There are simply TOO MANY PEOPLE in the world, And not enough resources to go around. There are people starving in the world, If there was half the population in the world, Thry wpuld go to sleep with full bellies and a warm place to slerp. First world countries can only exist because the resources are taken from the failed states. The point of life is to go to school, Open a business and get lucky, Get rich, Get a big house, Get a family, Then die that is literally it.

  • Yes life is all based on making money although i hate to say it

    This was a question for our exam in school so i thought i could write about it
    I am in year 8 and i believe that money is the purpose of life
    People are working revising and learning there whole life to make money,your first school is preparing you for exams into you secondary school witch is preparing you for GCSE witch may depend on your job or next collage.As a 13 year old i can tell you that some people with money are popular because of it and are better at sports(cricket bat pads football boots ect)money does not define who you and who you are for example you may have the richest football player but they are horrible yet millions of people have herd of them i bought a coffee for a homeless man who i bet was double as nice as so many people yet the public walk past him every day ignoring him due to his looks and due to him being lonely and homeless.Money does not affect your soul but it can effect your beliefs.

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  • Money is fundamental to life: but I do believe that one person can have too much.

    "People" like to say that money can't buy you happiness. "People" also say that generosity and prosperity (in which I mean your relationship spiritually and with others) is the key to success. But surly, people who state this must understand that in order to become successful without money you must either 1) renounce your economic attachment, and join a society which doesn't use money or 2) accept that you will exist on the bottom rung of modern society. Things you enjoy (for me it's jujitsu, wanting to own my own house so I'm not paying for someone else's dream, owning my own hybrid electric car, having a family and sending my children to private school, socialising with my friends) cost money, with few exception. You can argue that looking at the stars if free, but, the food you require to even exist to view this sceptical costs money.
    One problem is wealth distribution: the men and woman who run our society and provide order (UK), such as public servants, sectaries and logistics/public transport drivers earn a pittance compared to bankers and politicians (I do get that politicians are public servants, and do contribute to structuring our global communities). I simply do not understand this. In addition, you can also argue that crime is a product of poor education/upbringing, but actually, when children are offered a substandard education or "dysfunctional" upbringings which results in poverty, then what are your options? Work your whole life for nothing, or go down in a blaze of glory, possibly taking a bank clerk and a security guard with you.
    I do also think that you can have too much money (I'm a 30 year old student, so I have none), but, why should I share any wealth with you: I need it!
    I can fully understand if you disagree with me, you either have money, you are a moron or very naive , or you are fully content with having nothing.

  • Most major decisions made in life are about money, or are caused by money's influence.

    While I truly want to say no, I can't help but say yes to this question. Society has set people on a track towards a money based life. If you ask yourself, "Why did I go to school?" the answer most people would give is, "To receive an education." Then when we ask what the purpose of that education was, we normally find that it was to prepare us for the working world - for a job. Jobs give us money, which we use to live and be as happy as we can be. Without a job, there is no money, and generally, society would look down upon the destitute, the homeless, and the unemployed. While those with more money and stable jobs reap the benefits and 'enjoy' their lives more. While I wish that money was not the thing that our society holds as most important, I can't help but think that it is - and will continue to be - the purpose of most people's lives.

  • We have to live while can

    Life isn't all about money, so why do we have to apply everything in life to money? Making money, spending money, giving money... This all we do, why cant we just do things to do things. You know what they say, you only live once... Also, why do we go to school, spent and make money, and so all of these things that seem super important at the time, just to die? That is my question.

  • Different stage in live and different background see money differently.

    Different stage in live and different background see money differently. Money is like a mulitipurpose tool to use life. The purpose of life is to have a dream and accomplish it, can be a president or a farmer because someone have to do it. Both of these job contributes to the surveil of mankind.

  • Not a chance

    No. In life, everyone has their own purpose. People do what they think is right and they make new contributions to the world around them. Although the basis of how you live your life is based on obtaining enough money to remain alive and healthy... Happiness, spirt, love, these are all things that are entwined with life itself. Emotions in general are a tough concept, that everyone's life revolves around.

  • No, you must find your purpose.

    I see money as a sense of maintaining order. If people are able to obtain goods without paying for them chaos would brew. I think in order to make your life fulfilling you must find your purpose. Find things that you love to do. Act upon them aggressively. If you love it enough and it is beneficial to everyone you will be paid to do it.

  • Life is not all about money

    The purpose in life is definitely not to get money, live and die. As Dr. Orion Swett Marden so aptly puts it: "How few of us realize that true success is not measured by the accomplishment of some great thing;that it does not consist in being wealthy, famous, or powerful; but that it is the crown of all who honestly, earnestly do their best and live the everyday simple life, with all that it involves in the practice of the commonplace duties of everyday. It is by the exercise of the common, homely virtues; it is by trying to do everything one attempts to a complete finish; by trying to be scrupulously honest in every transaction; by always ringing true in our friendships, even by holding a helpful, accommodating attitude toward those about us; by trying to fulfil to the best of our ability the obligation to be noble, to be loyal to our highest ideals, it is by such things as these that we make successful lives."

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