Is the quality of education helped (yes) or hurt (no) by the introduction of new technologies and media?

  • Helped More Often Than Not

    For those who end up testing new technologies or dealing with them in their infancy, it can certainly hurt the quality of education. For the most part, however, I believe technology and media helps the education process. I believe we are diseminating more information more freely than we ever have before and that is a great thing.

  • Yes, technology is essential

    There is no longer any such thing as a good education that does not include technology. Technology and computerization is progressing so rapidly that I expect most future jobs to be in the tech and computer fields. I think this type of education needs to be emphasized throughout a person's education.

  • It's the age of the geek

    A child who cannot use, and handle new technologies and media and isn't taught to embrace them, will be hopelessly behind the curve when they get out into life. My children were learning to use a mouse and computer at 3, in kindergarten they were learning to code as they learned to read. I expect they will rule you someday.

  • Yes, its helped

    There are so many new ways to teach the youth, technologies and media just allow a better reach to the children and the masses. Its easier for teachers to keep track as well as the parents. The future holds only positive things for more ways to help us learn, the issue is keeping up, not if its hurting.

  • It is hurt.

    The reason it hurts education is because of the fact that information is at everyone's fingertips. Whether you are on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, all the information you need, and the answer to almost every question, is a simple google search away. You just look now, instead of thinking.

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