• Relative morality allows disgusting behavior.

    Ironicaly religious conservatives often hate sharing (social security, Medicare, Food stamps, Unemployment) if they could many politicians would gut these programs into practical non existence which would allow more tax cuts. It is already happening. Stopping compounding misery in the lower classes is not on the agenda. Long live capitalism. Handouts by these types of politicians are only smiled upon when they align with special interests.

  • America is getting tougher for the average citizen

    America has a serious debt crisis and it is having an effect on everyone living in the US. It has become tougher for the middle class to live successfully, and taxes continue to rise on everything. I don't believe it is going to get better anytime soon, people are just going to have to adjust more.

  • The quality of life in America is consistently worsening

    The quality of life in America is consistently worsening. With the growing populations the country is left with a larger number of people competing for the limited resources available. This in addition to the negative trends in climate change are two of the factors which are contributing to a consistent worsening in the quality of life in America.

  • We are losing jobs.

    Yes, the quality of life in American is consistently worsening, because things are not as good as they were for the baby boomers. The baby boomers could pay their way through college by working a part time job. The baby boomers could all find jobs when they graduated, and they could live on one income. The quality of life is half of that today.

  • Quality of life depends on station.

    If America as a whole or strictly directed to the lower class, then yes. Life in America is consistently worsening. The middle class has arguably plateauing, and possibly in decline depending on when the timeline begins. The upper class is doing better than ever. The general consensus is that life is worsening for anyone worth less than 500,000/

  • No, this is a myth.

    People worldwide are under some sort of impression that the quality of life is falling in America and that life here is worse than other developed countries. When, in fact, the United States ranked 3rd for quality of life in the world, just behind Sweden and Australia. You won't find many better places to live.

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