Is the quarter-life crisis the new midlife crisis?

  • It May Be

    I believe giving the name (quarter-life crisis) for the transition period from childhood to the adulthood is just slapping a different name on a part of life that has probably existed for awhile. However, in the past it was more common for children to stay with their parents until they entered a marriage, therefore coining a term for the new dynamics of this age group may be appropriate.

  • Adults Go Through Some Crisis Eventually

    It doesn't matter if you are 25 or 75, each stage in an adult's life goes through some kind of change. A quarter-life crisis isn't a crisis--young adults simply have a change of heart and go in a different direction during or after college. Younger people are also trying to find their identities in a complex world full of hope and peril in the job market. Do they play it safe or take chances? With so much to focus on, no wonder young adults have a "quarter-life crisis."

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