• Race Between Sanders and Clinton Too Close to Call

    Yes, the race between Sanders and Clinton is, at this point, too close to determine. While Clinton gained a strong lead on Super Tuesday, the vote in Massachusetts was nearly a tie. It is unclear whether upcoming votes in the South will go to Clinton or to Sanders; both candidates have strong support among minority voters there.

  • No, the race between Sanders and Clinton is not too close to call.

    No, the race between Sanders and Clinton is not too close to call because Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead over Sander in terms of delegates needed to win. On Super Tuesday, Clinton won seven states while Bernie Sanders only won four states. Although Sanders was a formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton seems poised win the Democratic nomination.

  • No, the Sanders/Clinton race is not too close to call.

    While I firmly believe this year's presidential election is the closest and most exciting we have seen in a long time, I do not feel there is any doubt that Hillary is going to come out on top of Bernie in the Democratic competition. Yes, Bernie has a strong backing but it is not, in my opinion, going to take down Mrs. Clinton.

  • It looks like a Hillary blow out.

    Sanders is being beaten decisively by Hillary Clinton and the republicans are noticing. Now there is a new fervor to investigate her emails again. They are already resorting to dirty tricks in the hopes of disqualifying her as a candidate. Bernie Sanders ran an excellent campaign but Americans are turning to the familiar although many are still flocking to him.

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