Is the racial divide perpetuated by the language we use?

  • Take the 'n-word' for example...

    The n-word. "black people can use it, having reclaimed it and given it new meaning. White people cannot. It’s simply impossible to separate from its history as a disgusting racial slur and a vestige of centuries of enslavement and mistreatment." says Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic. I say, this is perpetuating racial division. There are now two different standards of what is socially acceptable speech based on skin tone. There are two different definitions of a word, not based on context of use, but based purely on the skin tone of the speaker. If two groups of people are not socially allowed to speak the same language, we have created a social divide, plain and simple.

  • They are not helping words.

    Yes, the racial divide is perpetuated by the language we use, because people use words that do not bring us together. Even each race has their own derogatory terms for their own. This does not help us get over racism. We should also learn English to the best of our abilities, to ease communication.

  • The racial divide is perpetuated by the language we use

    The racial divide is perpetuated by the language we use. Everything we say will either decrease or increase the racial divide we are experiencing in USA and other places around the world. As we watch news, media and movies, more and more racism continues because of the language we use. Just listen to songs now days, and then you will realize how much racism is still active. That is just an example of many more that are pure evident in our society.

  • We're All Americans, not Hyphenate-Americans

    While I do think that racist language of the past should definitely stay buried there, it is interesting how politically correct language (African-American, for instance) creates a weirdly cautious "walking on eggshells" kind of atmosphere. This can make the issue of our own national identity feel weirdly partisan. Better, I think, to focus on what we have in common and not what makes us separate.

  • No, by outside sources

    The racial divide is nothing more than outside sources such as the main stream media coming between people. If at any time the races seem to be getting along and grouping together, something major happens that the media follows constantly to divide everyone back up. If the media would instead put stories about races coming together then people would get along better.

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