• Temptation or Lies

    Majority of rape victims are women who could be potentially lying, or tempt their rapist by wearing derogatory clothing, being socially sexual. "Oh you make me hot, or Maybe we can hook up tonight" in their dialogue that tempt the potential rapist. Half the time the rapist could be just a average guy or woman, until tempted.

  • We All Have A Responsibility to Be Aware of the Way Our Actions Form Others' Perception Of Us and Be Aware of Our Surroundings

    The results of this poll show just how politically correct society is when talking about rape. Women are supposed to be human beings, intelligent, empowered, able to make their own choices, capable of being responsible for their own lives. Yet, when it comes to rape, society treats them like little, helpless puppies. And so the question becomes at what do women take on the responsibility of their actions. No one should be raped and no one should be considered justified in raping someone but at the same time one cannot simply just ignore the fact that say, for example, a woman goes to a party and drinks and dresses like someone who does not care if the world sees them naked, she in some way is responsible for the way in which she is received and the way she is treated. It is no different when someone robs a bank, or kills someone or someone gets in someones face and yells foolishness, in each instance, all of these people should expect a response. It does not mean they deserve it nor does it mean that the person who responds in whatever is wholly justified but it does mean that we have to be aware of the fact that the way that we present ourselves to the world or the way that we engage others will have an effect upon the way that they perceive us and the way that they respond to us. And so, is the rape victim to blame for RAPE? Well, not entirely, but some responsibility is definitely upon the victim. And until that responsibility is accepted they are likely to find themselves a victim again. To be responsible means if you have the unfortunate experience of being raped then the next time around you might pay a little more attention to what you wear, or you might be a little more aware of your surroundings, no matter what it is that you wear. Also, you might take more friends who can look out for you if you start to get drunk and if you dont take good friends to parties then the responsible thing to would be to not drink. Now, does that mean that you won't get raped? No. But it does mean you are aware and a person who is more aware has a better chance of responding to a person trying to rape them and can be prepared to say, mace the person in the face, kick the person in the balls, fist them in the throat, stab them, and on and on. No one helps women be empowered by refusing to acknowledge that they bear some of the responsibility of what happens to them in their daily lives, the same can be said of men and it goes beyond the scope of rape. It is not victim blaming to say that we all have a responsibility to be aware of our actions and surroundings. It is actually helping them not be victims.

  • She was asking for it.

    She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. Or it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. She was asking for it. I'm here to not piss people off

  • It's not her or his fault

    There are things you can do to avoid being raped. Don't walk in a dark ally at night. Don't to off with some guy you just met. Sometimes people make bad choices and suffer for them. They still don't deserve it and it's still not their fault. It's the fault of the rapist.

  • Consent is necessary (not discretionary)

    You cannot gauge someone's willingness to engage in sex based on "how he/she looked at you" or "how they were dressed". By definition rape: is to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence. So how can the be the fault of the victim? No, a victim cannot ask to be raped, because if they ask it is no longer forced.

  • No means No

    Whether or not a person leads another on into sexual intercourse doesn't matter if the two individuals are engaging in sex and one of them is not wanting to continue. When someone is uncomfortable, there are things they say and do that show that they don't want to continue. The other individual should be aware of these signs and stop and ask if everything is ok. If their answers is no, you should respect that and leave. Many of times, rape victims are blamed for enticing the other individual on, and while that may be true, they could change their mind in the act and if that happens, one should be respectful and understand that they should stop what they are doing immediately and leave. When individuals continue after the victim has already voiced their opinions and choices about the situation is when it is wrong. No means no and should be read and acted upon right away. It is always the individuals choice to keep going, but if they don't you need to stop.

  • No means no.

    I have no clue why this is even a topic, but people are saying that, if a woman wears revealing clothing, that its partially their fault. No, it is their body, they can flaunt it and show it off in whatever clothing or accessories they want to. If the woman flirts with the man, even leads him on and hooks up with him, but lets say, doesn't want to have any type of penetration and clearly states it, it doesn't matter whether she was the one to initiate the hook up, if she doesn't want to participate in something sexually and makes it clear, then that is no invitation to be forced. Although, i understand that one could get mad if someone doesn't want to go farther in the sexual intercourse, but they also kind of have no right to be mad in the first place. It's her body, its her choice whether or not she wants to do anything sexually, and if she is having sexual intercourse, it is to her consent that she can stop it when she wants to if she doesn't want to continue or feels uncomfortable, etc. This obviously applies to men too since women aren't the only sex that gets raped, so when I have said women, u can also imagine the men in the situation. So in conclusion, any victim of rape is not to blame at all.

  • It is not the victims fault

    Women, men and children should be able to walk past anyone they want without feeling threatened they should be able to go out alone and walk where ever they want when ever they want they should also be able to wear whatever they want. People who commit these henious crimes are inhumane. If it is the victims fault they are raped as a result of what they wear then the rape rate would climb massively in the summer. It is never the victims fault for rape so what if you do a bit of harmless flirting with someone doesnt give them the right to put something in your drink or rape you. No means no, no matter the circumstanes. Drunk or not. Conscious or not. No means no.

  • I saw a hot guy at a party...

    He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts showing off his fit body and was drinking heavily and flirting with all the girls. So it was kind of his fault that I saw all this and then took advantage of his drunkeness and nakedness and when he half passed out took him off to be raped.

  • Of course not

    It is about power and control not sex. There are women of all ages and all type of clothes and personalities being assaulted so it has nothing to do with clothing and the like.

    There is one theory that says people feel safer by blaming a particular type of woman for the assault because they can tell themselves if they don't act like that they will be okay. That is not the case and this blaming the victim is making everyone unsafe because it is resulting in criminals not going to prison because the target is often the victim in court cases not the criminal.

    Like one sign said instead of telling women not to do certain things how about telling the men not to assault them.

  • Not their fault.

    NO ONE ASKS TO BE RAPED. Flirting does not justify rape. Men are not animals that can't control their sexual desires and women aren't pieces of meat just there to be raped. Consent is necessary, and it's still not the survivor's fault even if they were walking down a dark alley in a bikini.

  • Rape is more about showing power, not sex.

    Most rapists say that they did it for the simple fact of showing power. Some weren't even attracted to the person they raped, but they knew they would get away with it so they did. Upon further research where victims confront their rapists, the victim asks, "Why me?" And the rapist replies, because I knew you wouldn't fight back. There is no way this is the victims fault.

  • Is this seriously a topic??

    Not in anyway could it be the victim to blame. Unless they say like lets have sex tonight and then later the both get shway and the rapie is not is a physical condition to give consent but then they have sex anyway. In this way think it is more of a technicallity that it is rape but still if THEY SAY NO THATS STILL RAPE. Rape is a one way action not in anyway two ways. I hope I made sense with that situation where they are drunk I didn't want it sound like im ok with rape in any way

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