• The king is coming

    I am a Christian and I believe there will be a rapture soon in our world all who believe and have receive Jesus Christ will go to Heaven and a great tribulation will come after it will be very very bad then but God will be with all who believe

  • The rapture is real and is coming.

    There is many evidence to support that the rapture is coming you need only look for it. There are many factual websites that support this and there are some sites that may find somethings wrong with it. However the overall conclusion for this is that rapture is real and is coming. At this current point in time we are still in the investigative judgement in which God is judging who shall be allowed into heaven and who shouldn't be. In this we are also in the little time of trouble in which those who have been judged are sealed and are kept safe and cannot be taken over by Satan. This is also the start of small disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and cyclones.
    above is a link to the full chronology of last day events which is quite informing and with research you can find out for yourself whether the rapture is real.

  • No proof (biased religious scripture is invalid)

    Before one can ask about the rapture, one must assume the supernatural exists. Next, that there is only one god. Next, that one god is jehovah. Next, jesus is either god and/or messiah. Next, that the bible actually says this. That's a lot of assumptions. Even using same bible, many denominations in christianity don't believe in the rapture and that the tribulation referred to the first century destruction of Jerusalem and the roman emperor nero (in numerology 666).

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