Is the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco overpaid?

Asked by: LindaMc
  • Way overpaid.

    The man has won a lot of playoff games for the Ravens. He is a good QB, but paying him that much money is ridiculous. He's not THAT good. He's not even on the elite level yet. The only thing he got that glares out is his playoff wins. He is not a Elite QB statistically. But the man does have a ring.. so you can't hate.

  • Obviously. He is very overrated.

    Joe Flacco is a highly overrated quarterback. The Ravens had a mediocre regulation season with Joe Flaccos inaccurate arm. Flacco had a hotstreak during the playoffs and all of a sudden he is the greatest QB in the league? They had to cut Anquan Bolden for him as well. Flacco reminds me a lot of Jake Delhomme, he has a very powerful arm, but lacks accuracy.

  • Yes, he is overpaid.

    I can honestly say that when I heard about the amount of money that Joe Flacco is going to get in his new contract, I fell out of my chair. He is far from an elite quarterback on the level of Tom Brady. He got hot in the playoffs, but not hot enough to make that much money.

  • Yes He Is

    Joe Flacco is overpaid. He is a good quarterback, but I would not even call him elite. There is no way that he should be the highest paid player in NFL history. He isn't even the best player on the Baltimore Ravens. I feel bad for ravens fans because their team will not be as good for a while because of that contract.

  • He Is Worth It

    Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl winning quarterback with a rocket arm, an icy cold game time demeanor, and enough bravado to go around. The market for good starting quarterbacks in the national football league is a small one, and those who have proven themselves, as Flacco has, deserve the salaries they get.

  • He won a Superbowl.

    Regardless of his position as an elite quarterback, Joe Flacco still holds a Superbowl ring. He managed to overcome great adversity and lead his team to the main goal of the NFL. Perhaps the Ravens went too far, but if you have to take a chance on a player, why not one with a ring?

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Anonymous says2013-03-24T04:34:49.403
The man is overpaid.