• Yes it is!

    If you are talking about the Confederate flag, then YES, it is very offensive! I cannot stand anyone who would even think to wave this flag around! The flag represents racial discrimination and it always will. Even though we've come far from that, the meaning is still there and I find it to be very offensive.


    No matter what you say, the Civil War is at least in part based upon the issues of slavery. The Confederate States represents the hate towards an entire people and whether or not thats what it means to you, it is what it means to thousands if not millions of people. Don't trounce the flag around thinking its just a symbol, because it is a symbol of hate.

  • I'm assuming you mean the Confederate flag

    It shouldn't be, many people associate it with racism and slavery but that really doesn't give the whole picture as to what the flag represents. It is first and foremost a part of the South's history. I could also go into the reasons for the war that were not directly related to slavery. In any case, I am sure most southerners see it as a sign of Southern pride. If it offends you that is your problem and not a right to infringe on someone else's rights.

  • It's offensive to others!

    Not being sensitive to the fact that the flag was made for the south who believed in slavery is inconsiderate. It doesn't mean you're a rebel at all. The south wanted to keep their slaves and a lot of slaves were treated worse than there own owners animals. If people want to have a "rebel" flag then they need to make their own.

  • It's offensive because of the ideals and history behind the Confederate flag.

    It's offensive because of the ideals and history behind the Confederate flag. It represents all the ideals of the Confederate States of America. By proxy, it represents slavery, which you might not recognize as not being a) popular anymore b) in line with human rights and c) anything but atrocious. Secondly, it represents the Civil War, and also by proxy an inability to let the past go. The South lost and never had any chance to win the Civil War.

    It also represents the willful ignorance of Neo-Confederates. While they argue about the "tyranny of the North", they willfully ignore that the Confederate government was a joke. Its authority was limitless. Its constitution was the exact same as the United States with certain words changed. Slavery was of course better defined and protected. The South never had an effective congress and became basically one man: Jefferson Davis. No supreme court was ever established, reducing citizens' protection from the government. The country fighting for states rights was oddly the one with the fewest states rights.

    It's offensive for the same reason the swastika is offensive; it's so heavily attached to antisemitism that it doesn't matter anymore that it used to be a symbol for good luck. The same happens with the Confederate flag and its ties to slavery, except that the Confederacy flag never represented any noble ideas.

  • The Nazi Flag is part of German History - Still Offensive

    The flag of the confederacy represents an illegal insurrection against the national government to which each state voluntarily surrendered sovereignty. Some proclaim loudly that succession was not about slavery. That is unconvincing since, without a doubt, there would never have been succession or a CSA without the evil institution of slavery. Folks can feel proud of whatever they like, I suppose, but when a a symbol has taken on the representation of evil in the minds of so many people, it's simply wrong to shove it down peoples' throats in the interest of personal "southern pride". No German should display a Nazi flag as part of Germany's heritage, and no loyal American should fly the symbol of insurrection and rebellion that cost so much needlessly to preserve an evil institution that was already doomed.

  • Yes

    Agreed. And let's be honest here. People who fly the rebel flag on their cars or their houses or whatever are not just showing pride for their Southern roots. It's become much more; a symbol of racism and hatred, one that I can only imagine is offensive to those whose ancestors were enslaved, beaten and killed. I know for a fact that most Northerners are offended by it; we fought a war against slavery, won that war, and people who fly the rebel flag are saying "Ha, we STILL don't care about your freedoms for everyone." The rebel flag indicates a person who can't accept the way things are and has to return to his hateful ways.

  • Do Swastikas Symbolize German Pride?

    No? I didn't think so. If someone walks around with a swastika on their person in the form of a tattoo or clothing items, we would not believe them if they said they are not racist, but are just proud of their German grandfather who fought for Germany in WWII. I realize the crimes of the South are not as overtly heinous as the Nazi genocide of the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc., but slavery IS on par with everything the Nazi party did leading up to genocide, from forcing Jews to live in slums to throwing them into forced labor camps. In the same way the swastika is forever tied to the horrors Nazi Germany perpetuated in Europe, the Rebel flag is a painful reminder of the horrors of slavery and the racism African Americans are still trying to overcome today.

  • Yes it is

    It's a flag of an enemy country that rebelled against the US and attempted to take it over. I don't see South Korean flags flying in North Korea or vice versa, which is nearly the same situation. I find it offensive because flying flags other than own is not very patriotic and flying an enemy flag that rebelled against the US is pure hatred and treason.

  • Very much, yes!

    I'm an Immigrant, just like any other American. I came in 2003. I lived in many states and got to know much of the U.S. Culture after travelling and studying in different universities, where I received my mater's degree in one of them. I ended up living in California. There is a white guy in our neighborhood who has a huge pic up truck with a big confederate flag attached to it. I feel threatened every time he drives by our house and I don't appreciate the way he looks at Hispanics, blacks, or Asians. I really would like to have a conversation with him and see why this flat is attached to his truck instead of the American flag. I still don't have the guts to do it.

  • The Rebel Flag is not racist.

    No I don't see this flag as offensive. I live in a little town where everyone flies the flag. None of us think about it as a racist symbol. We fly it as part of our southern pride. There are many African Americans that fly the flag as well. The civil war wasn't started over slavery therefore the flag isn't a reminder of it. Anyone who looks at is as racists needs to go back to high school and actually pay attention in history class.

  • I agree

    I don't know why after 150 years it is all of a sudden offensive. To me it is a reminder of the lives lost in the south...but.......being the south wanted slavery not just for them but for the entire country...I can see how it can be a reminder of the people who saw nothing wrong with owning black humans which is inhumane. They treated their horses better than they treated their slaves.

  • Symbol of Good Ole Southern Boys

    No, the rebel flag itself is not offensive. There are people who choose to make a big deal out of it and give it meanings that it really doesn’t have. Most people who display the rebel flag do it without any real knowledge of what the flag once meant. The people who display the rebel flag now days are using it as a “redneck” symbol. The rebel flag now days is a symbol for a redneck, beer drinking southern boy, nothing more.

  • Definitely not offensive

    Anybody who thinks this flag is a symbol of hatred or racism obviously needs to go back to high school and pay attention. It is a symbol of the southern pride. The flag was flown during the growth of America and should remain flying. People in town fly this flag and always will even the colored folk that live here. Banning this flag is banning a huge part of American history and to some folk is almost like banning the American flag. I will remain flying this flag and so shall my children after me!

  • Regional Consciousness and Historical Significance

    After doing much research on the South and separatist identities it has become clear to me that the Confederate flag actually represents firstly, Southern independence, secondly, regional pride, and contemporarily, commemorating the Confederate military and many lost veterans. Unlike other parts of the country, the South's history of being semi-isolated has led to a large portion of southerners having direct links to their ancestry who had lived and/or fought through the war. The war was started because of rebellion and secession, unfortunately, not because of slavery. That was after the fact. Those sporting the Confederate flag as a means for racist or bigoted agendas are perverting its significance for a large population of the country who see it as part of their history.

  • No it is not

    The Rebel flag is not for slavery it is for states rights which involve slavery but that is not what it is about it is saying that the states should have their own rights with the stars representing the original 13 colonies which had their own rights therefore it is not racist or prejudice so please don't judge

  • Free to express yourself

    It's none of your business why people fly this flag. You're not perfect enough to worry about other people. There are a ton of reasons that educated people should be offended right now... And a flag isn't even in the top 100. You people get all riled up over simple things and are apathetic over the things that matter.

  • No it is not

    The current flag flew in the 50' and 60's does that make it racist? It flew when we put Japanese people in essentially POW camps in WWII ... Talk about slavery, when the union won did they not essentially have slave labor in the factories of which if you were injured you were fired and worth nothing... While getting paid about nothing.

  • There are much more offensive things in this world.

    Even if the flag does represent slavery, its a part of our history as a nation and we should all be proud of iy whether you agree with it or not. We have made some mistakes in the past but we are still the best country on the planet. Also there are things in our culture today that are way more offensive than a flag.

  • You love your home right

    Well I hope so. To many the rebel flag is seen as a redneck symbol for "I hate blacks." To some I suppose it is, but to a majority of people it simply represents a love for their homeland. I think the south is beautiful personally. (So are the north, east, and west!) To me the rebel flag says "I'm a southerner and I like that- I'm proud to show it." I wish it could be seen as just as normal as Yankees or Gators or other symbols that people happily proclaim they like. I wish that having a rebel flag on your car didn't make you a racist. I love the south AND african americans- is that hard to believe? It really shouldn't be.. Well to each his own but I say the confederate and American flags can fly together peacefully because I love America as a whole and specifically I love my sweet home in the south equally.

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Anonymous says2013-04-28T15:20:15.933
If you are sure that the Confederate flag is offensive, well think twice because the U.S. Flag is also for many people around and inside the U.S. Under this flag millions of amaericans natives lost their lives, their land and were confined to reservations where many died and lost their self-esteem. Outside U.S. It symbolizes imperialism and support of dictatorships.
MrJAC4X4 says2013-06-19T01:00:43.627
Here is a little history from the Heritage Preservation Association. If you think the flag is a racist symbol or if it offends you, check this out, then tell everyone why or what about the flag offends you. Http://www.Hpa.Org/edu/csaflags.Htm
Dst001 says2015-07-08T22:35:14.590
How can a four year Civil War war represent over 200 years of southern heritage? The flag does NOT represent HERITAGE : the traditions, achievements, and beliefs that are part of the history of a group of people. Southern heritage has evolved from a group of people from all races...A strong belief in God, hospitality, football, respect, good manners, farming, family, friends, hunting, great food, and the belief in hard work.

The battle flag represented 11 states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia) that had at least one thing in common...SLAVERY.

Heritage represents traditions - the passing of customs or beliefs from generation to generation NOT glamorizing lost battles.
Heritage represents achievements, not lost battles.
Trei says2015-07-10T06:44:20.020
First of i have the right to fly this flag because it is in the Constitution of the United States. And so is the right for trash eric Shepherd to disgrace my beloved American flag. But the government won't do anything about that. But that is a different topic. I love how people sit here and talk about how this flag is a hate symbol that represents racism. Did you know that the south had a draft, and if you had slaves you and your family where automatically taken out of the draft. You didn't have to fight. The ones who fought were dirt floor poor, and were fighting for states rights. And to preserve the southern way of life. Because the government had and has way to much power. They wanted to and still to this day run everyone's life. People call the the confederates rebels, but you know that we were called the same by the British. And why did we stand up aginst them because they were tyrents. But because people wanted to live there own way they are horrible. And I am not and will not stand for racism. Organizations that use my beloved flag as a symbol of hate are trash and will burn in hell for the hate they preach. But if you want to talk racism and prejudice of this time period, what about the irish. In The north, the Irish were treated just as bad as slaves. The flag that rednecks, who are the epitome of white trash, fly the wrong flag in the first place. That is a battle flag, and I fly the third confederate national flag. Not because I hate amarica or the people who live in it. But Because I am a florida boy raised up on the southern way of life. Which is To mind my own business and take care of my family and friends. Never was i raised to hate another man for any reaso, but to treat him like he is a man and show him the respect he deserves. I am a amarican, and I will fight anyone who goes aginst our great country. But I am southern by the grace of God. I really hope people sit back and think. Actually listen and Read up on things like this. Not just run your mouth about something that you heard of on tv or your friend. Something to take away from this. I am an amarican, who is southern and will fly my confederate flag because I am proud of my heritage, but most of all mind your own business and stop messing with my rights. Which ironically is the reason that there is a confederate flag in the first place.