• There have been too many recalls in recent months.

    I think that this most recent recall is a result, as were the others, of American manufacturing companies trying to increase profits by cutting costs. When you use cheaper materials, employ faster manufacturing methods and implement less hands-on quality checks, bad things are bound to happen. The CEO's of these companies are only concerned with financial gain and have lost sight of the need for quality products to retain customer loyalty. In the race to beat the cost of cheaper foreign manufacturing, they have drastically reduced the quality of products being turned out. It was bound to boomerang on them sooner or later and the end result will be catastrophic for our country's auto manufacturing industry. The need for a "bailout" of these companies should have been a big red flag that something needed to be done to improve quality and gain customers. But instead, the high paid executives only concentrated on cutting costs to pay back the individual loans associated with the bailout. They have completely lost sight of the gains to be had by turning out a high quality product, and I believe that is true of most large corporations in the modern world; not just the auto companies.

  • GM needs to close once and for all

    The recent " always troubled" GM has got to be put to rest. Between consumer disgust at it's government bailout and now the recall of it's most popular model, trust has been lost. A recall of such a large scale on it's most popular model should be the icing on the cake for them. While some will argue they will always have a following and that is true, at some point America needs to step back and look at the shoddy build causing the recall backed by it's financial failures.

  • No, GM is not the only automobile company that has recalls.

    No, the latest recall for the Silverado is not the final nail for GM. I believe that GM addresses the issues that are listed in any of their recalls and properly fixes the issues. GM just like any other motor company, is trying to keep up with technology so of course there are hiccups along the way.The purpose of the recall is to alert owners of potential issues that they may have with the vehicle based upon other claims. In my opinion, GM fans and supporters will continue to stand behind the company as they sort through the issues of the recalls.

  • Never Say Die

    Every company has its setbacks. When a vehicle is recalled its not the only indicator of how a company performs. The bounce back from such a misfortune shows the true character of a company in the way that they handle the situation. For example, did they publicly apologize and admit their mistakes? Were they able to come out with a model that is issue free to replace those that were sold with defects? A recall doesn't necessarily end a company, at the end of the day its more about how the problem was handled rather than what caused it to begin with.

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