• Altitude sickness symptoms in corona virus patients matches the evidence that 5G affects oxygen molecules

    60GHZ millimetre waves are blocked by oxygen molecules in the atmosphere, That's why you need so many 5G transmitters. This breaks down the oxygen molecules making them harder to bind with the haemoglobin in your blood. With less oxygen being absorbed into your blood you will have altitude sickness like symptoms: shortness of breath, Low blood-oxygen concentrations, And that's exactly what doctors and nurses have been saying corona virus patients have.

  • There is too much that is unknown about the origin and nature of 'viruses'

    There is no exact description of what a 'virus' is in medical literature. The term is used to describe anything harmful to the body. Some evidence shows that viruses don't even exist in the way we think and are merely the bodies own natural cells. In cases where there is an immune response we see exosomes that are produced to contain toxicity. If you look at real electron microscope photographs of viruses they look identical to exosomes. In the 'Invisible Rainbow' by Arthur Firstenberg he describes each previous 'virus' outbreak and its correspondence to a development in the electrification of the earth. First he says the common cold came after the electric grid was introduced, Then the spanish flu after radar was introduced and the hong kong flu after fm radio was widely adopted. There is also correlation with new chemicals in the environment such as arsenic and lead used as pesticides and paralysis (polio). Smallpox corresponded with poor sanitary conditions and malnutrition. In the 1500s there was a flu epidemic that just seemed to happen. Why do viruses suddenly appear? What is their origin? While we know and can show that bacteria caused the plague, Viruses are not living organisms and so their origin cannot easily be traced. How can we say a virus works the same as bacteria (spreading via cross-contamination) when it is entirely different in its nature? I believe viruses are our own bodies responding to something encountered in our environment and and not the cause of disease. Since the body cannot determine how or what is happening it performs a 'stock-standard' response of fever to recover. Of course this is not effective and so the body will occasionally repeat this, Still trying to respond to this outside influence. Perhaps it is even the bodies way of telling us to evade this outside force. In those who are already ill or weak, This immune response (which we have deemed inflenza, Covid-19 etc) from our bodies can cause death because it puts stress on the bodies faculties. If this is the case 5G has to be the cause of the latest outbreak of this new 'virus'. If the virus is not real and only apparent because of statistical manipulation, Then that would show us that the recent proliferation of 5G is not the cause of any new illness, Because there is no illness. Unless someone comes forth with direct evidence that shows viruses aren't just normal cells within our body and that they spread between people I think we ought to be researching this topic more and taking the 5G causes corona virus assumption more seriously

  • No It Is Not

    Covid-19 is caused be sars cov2 novel Corona virus not 5G networks this is just fear mongering by people in tin foil hats who say vaccines cause autism just ask a Cosmonaut he will say earth is not flat just watch the Apollo moon missions for proof the earth is round Covid-19 is a disease of the airways not electricity

  • Correlation does not mean causation

    The idea that radio waves produce viruses that are able to inflict the damage done with these symptoms is nonsense. We have had more than enough advancements on technology to be able to say that the proliferation of any technology, Let alone 5G is the cause of COVID 19. If this was the case, We would have had hundreds of more outbreaks based on our rate of innovation in the radio and internet space. Simplu put, While the advancement of 5G has been recent, It shows zero evidence that it is the direct cause of COVID 19.

  • No not at all

    Viruses are biological. They are not caused by electricity because they can occur anywhere. From animal bites or transmission from a person.
    No electrical disturbances are needed and those people ignore cases where the virus randomly come without electric and other cases where the virus does not come when there was major electrical activity.
    This person can even disprove himself by getting hepatitis.

    Do I think 5G towers are harmful. Yes I think they are harmful. Do they cause viruses NO!

    This is the flat earth mentality. You can go in a strait line with a lazer guided system and circle the earth. They will say but that is because the earth is ring shaped. Then where is the curve for it. And They will say will I could not see it with my nikon camera. And I will say get a more powerful one.

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