Is the recession having a big impact on education?

  • With the recession money is low so education is put to the side

    Yes, I believe that the recession has a big impact on education. When there is a recession, there is lack of money. When money is low the bulk of the cash income goes toward bills that do not include education. It is a shame that the first thing to be cut is the most important thing: education. Unfortunately, colleges do not want to hear that you cannot pay your bill because it is a recession.

  • Yes!

    It is because now because schools are running out of money and closing. Teachers are having to quit their job as teachers and look for work elsewhere. Parents who have had their kid in private school for years are now having to send their kid to public school. People are just worried about paying their bills than how good their kid is being educated.

  • I believe the recession is impacting education, because of budget cuts and the prospects of finding employment after graduation or obtaining a degree are very few.

    Public schools are often the first targets of state budget cuts. This means that the lack of supplies, materials and personnel affects the quality of public education, by making the U.S. less competitive on a global level. This also affects the quality of education at our colleges and universities, as more and more students enter these institutions unprepared and lacking the skills needed to succeed. On the other side of the coin, the recession has reduced the potential of finding a job for many who have successfully obtained degrees at institutions of higher learning. In this climate, an education does not guarantee one a better paying job, or even a job. Unfortunately, the recession has put education in a position of less value with little priority.

    Posted by: CarIoBIacken
  • The recession is certainly have a big impact on education as evidenced by severe budget cuts.

    States have been so cash-strapped that funds to preschool, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools have been reduced in many cases. At the elementary and secondary levels, this has contributed to many teacher lay-offs and, in some cases, school re-organization and even closings. Class sizes are bigger. In addition, while tuition is going up at many colleges, financial aid programs are often being threatened by cuts, providing further barriers to low-income students.

    Posted by: ChildlikeLamar56
  • The recession has resulted in a higher teacher-student ratio and in program cuts.

    It is more difficult to get a teaching job right now, as most school districts are not hiring additional teachers. Many positions have been cut in order to save money, which has increased student-teacher ratios. Programs, such as orchestra and art, have been reduced or discontinued, creating a disadvantage for students who are not athletically inclined.

    Posted by: WideHung32
  • Yes, because money dries up for education during a recession.

    While we all know financial markets are hurting, so is our educational system. Higher education is facing cuts due to a decrease in tax revenue brought on by a decrease in individual income. These cuts have caused many programs to be shuttered and tuition to be raised. College was not affordable for the returns before the recession, now it is just a haven for high paid administrators.

    Posted by: MarriedKelvin72
  • The economic recession has had huge impact on education.

    Because of the recession, fewer families can afford to send their children to college and fewer student loans are being given by banks since the near-collapse of the credit and loaning industry. Jobs are scarce, so this would be the ideal time for many people to go back to school, but for many that is sadly impossible due to sheer cost and lack of financial aid.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • The fact that so many states are having budget problems during this recession is having a big impact on their ability to fund education at previous levels; this situation is definitely having an impact on education.

    The recession is having a big impact on the ability of states to fund education in many states across the United States. Tax revenues are down, and the education system is suffering along with other agencies that depend on tax dollars for funding. We are seeing the impact on our national news. This issue is a big one because public education is so important, but there is no easy fix readily available.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • economics means less money for schools

    People are struggling and can't make ends meet. As such, they are not willing to pay or increase the taxes necessary to fund education.

  • It is not impacting education so much.

    It is only having a small impact on education.

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