Is the religious section for debate.Org a garbage fest for trolls?

Asked by: deadmojo
  • Yes Yes and Yes

    This section's purpose is no other but cause internet wars over what people personally believe. I mean seriously the moment they made this website and decided to implement the religious section, all hell (literally) breaks loose. Why can't we all just accept that some people decide to be religious and some are not, this is the stupidity of humanity in the most extreme.

  • If this section is garbage than all sections and topics are.

    Debating in itself is to argue what you believe in and give back factual supporting statements. All of these other sections and topics are based on how you personally believe. For example, in the economic section it asks "should the U.S. do more in the fight against ISIS?" this requires an answer on how you believe we should handle war against others.
    All debates and opinions start as beliefs, so calling one garbage for this fact only calls the others garbage as well.

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Craighawley215 says2015-07-17T05:31:35.833
Most of the people who debate religion on here are decent enough. There's only a few people who go out of their way to be intentionally offensive. If you frequent the Opinion pages, you know exactly what/who I mean.