• Sub-human republicans are among the worst "people" on the planet

    They lie and fearmonger to get their way, and it works, because repukes are the dumbest, most gullible pieces of shit in human history. They'd rather line the pockets of their rich friends with cash than keep the planet livable for their kids. They believe rich celebrities over educated, expert scientists who spend their lives studying a specific subject. They believe everything other republicans tell them (like fake as fuck Faux "News"), and deny everything else. Facts literally don't mean shit to them, because if they did, Roy Moore wouldn't still be in the race for Senate at the time I'm writing this. Child molesters and sex offenders like Roy Moore are "A.O.K." with republicans, but an honest, law-abiding Democrat running against him isn't, simply because he's not a republican. They'd rather pay for Trump's golf trips or a pointless wall than give healthcare to the poor and needy. They still think trickle-down-economics works, and constantly increase profits for the rich at the expense of the poor, regardless of the mounds of evidence that suggest otherwise and state how much it actually costs the lower class and gives to the upper class. They simply do not care about anyone but themselves and those in their immediate social circle. Everyone else to them is just a dirty liberal.

    This doesn't even scratch the surface at republican bias, corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, and willful ignorance, among many other characteristics of your typical repuke. This is barely a sample.

    Living in a society where people as willfully retarded as republicans are taken seriously is a fucking nightmare.

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