• Yes, They're Pretty Divided

    The Republican party is a mess right now. It's been this way for a while now. Everyone in the party seems to have their own agenda and not care much about what others think. They are torn on many different issues and it has gotten to the point that people inside the party admit that it is a mess.

  • Yes, the social issues have ripped it apart.

    The Republican Party is facing an identity crisis. It has become so attached to certain social views, such as abortion, gay marriage, or immigration, that is has alienated a large portion of its party base. Those that are fiscally conservative may support that portion of the Republican platform, but the crazy social aspects drive any sensible people away, which creates a large rift between conservatives and moderates.

  • Yes, they are completely divided.

    If they don't get together soon, and stop all the in fighting, they may never bounce back at all. They can't agree on a platform, or even strongly get behind one candidate. After the Sandy aide fiasco, we had Republican members of Congress telling people from N.Y. and N.J. not to donate to the party! They lost control of the party, and need to get back on track.

  • Yes, republicans are terribly divided

    The official policies of the Republican party have gotten so extreme that they no longer hold the opinions of most people. A prime example of this is the fiscal cliff fiasco where the Republican party waited until taxes technically increased so they could bring them back down. Because of this, the party is very divided.

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