• Real GOP leadership is needed!

    I lost a HUGE amount of respect for, John McCain, yesterday. As for Mitt "the twit" Romney, what little bit of respect I had left for the man is now history! Mitt Romney became the GOP establishments puppet and the bad thing about it is, you can tell that Romney is mad and jealous because he thinks that he is a better candidate, a better person, and a better Republican! Over the past week Romney has sunk deeper and deeper into his delusional beliefs about himself! He has aligned himself with members of the "establishment" wing of the RNC. These "loyal" (HAHA), members of the GOP, are fighting for the right, don't you know. Actually what they are fighting for is the ability to keep control of the RNC! They know if Donald Trump becomes President, their services will no longer be needed and they will be replaced.
    It surprised me, not shocked me, that McCain came out with Twi...... Uh...... Mitt against Mr. Trump. It shows you how disorganized the RNC has become over the last eight years. The "Grand Old Party" won't be grand again until lots of changes are made with the leadership. Gasoline is being thrown on the fire and eventually the fire is going to rage out of control. Until firm, competent, leadership is installed in the RNC, the "GOP" is going to be S.O.L!

  • The Republican party is broken

    A two party system like the United States depends on having both parties functional. Both parties have always had a variety of viewpoints within them, but the current demand by the ultra conservative wing of the Republican party that their opinion is the only acceptable one continues to alienate both the more centrist members of the party and voters alike.This division must be resolved if the party wants to win on a national scale.

  • The Republican party is fratured.

    In its efforts to re-gain the foothold lost to the democrats following George W. Bush's presidency, the Republican party has become fractured. A recent survey listed the Republican party as the most un-trusted entity of our government. A big reason for this is because there is a lot of descent within the party itself. Moderate conservatives are at war with extreme conservatives and the two don't seem to be able to find a middle ground.

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