• The psychopaths are no longer hiding

    Behind lies. They're showing their true colors more and more each day. All we needed was a black man in office to make them go crazy enough to stop hiding behind fake policies. Their true 'family values' and focus on fundamental religion is coming out loud and clear now. You can't miss it.

  • Literally dying out

    Racism is not a acceptable way forward. The southern strategy techniques of the 60's cannot survive the information age. Knowledge is freely available to anyone with a computer which makes it very difficult to deceive voters now. The old bigoted America is dying and the proof is the popularity equality rights laws.

  • Republicans not dying

    The republican party is not dying, just stagnant. When you only cater to the 1% of the populous, you can rest assured that you will not have many supporters outside of the rich. That is what the problem with the republican party. They do not want to cater to the middle class and the poor. Once they do that, then they will flourish again

  • They are not.

    The republican party is no more dying than the democrats are dying. Republican's and democrats show no signs of leaving for a long time unless there is a fundamental change in American politics and America's political parties or beliefs. I cannot say who will win the next election, but I'd be willing to bet within the next few years you'll see your friendly neighborhood Republican's back.

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yetifivepecks says2014-05-29T19:21:14.060
Not quickly enough. I say that we do away with both mainstream parties, or at the very least, force at least two more parties into the spotlight.