Is the Republican Party right in their step-by-step approach to immigration reform?

Asked by: puzzled123
  • Why do we need 2000 page bills passed?

    Our governement is a mess, republican or democrat. I would like to see more step by step approaches to solving problems. Not only does it make implementation more simple but it allows the people, that is us, to review the plans, see them implemented piece by piece and then make decisions on rather the course we are taking is working.

  • There needs to be conditional statements.

    Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants cannot happen until border control is properly enforced. If we grant amnesty to illegals, and border security is weak, then it sends a clear message to other countries; if we cross over into America, we will be eventually granted amnesty, and will be accepted as legals. It simply motivates crime.

    Now many argue that the senate immigration bill does both, address granting amnesty and having border security. However, the major issue with this is that it does not confirm that border security is indeed working before granting amnesty. Yes, it does call for some more funding to border security, but does that really make the system better? Is it guaranteed that significantly fewer immigrants would be coming to America? Until we are sure border security is working, we can't even begin to talk about what we do with the illegals in America because there would be no point; all solutions will not work until border security is fixed.

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