Is the Republican Party smarter than the Democratic Party?

Asked by: YoungRepub
  • Democrats are stupid.

    There is no possible way to decide if one is smarter than the other, because the controversial topics that separate the two, are based solely on opinions and opinions do not gauge stupidity. You can not judge an entire group of people solely based on their candidates. It is unfair for this debate to even exist.

  • Democrats are great talkers! Republican's are great doers!

    I prefer individuals who get the job done and done well. The Bush Administration set a good example of superiority over the Obama Administration on getting things done right! And I'm sure the next Republican Administration will prove once again how do things the right way! Obama's Administration has only raised false hopes, lies, scandals, and corrupt government. Yuck!

  • Sorry, but no, YoungRepub

    While it would be difficult to gauge the average intelligence of either political party, it would have to be concluded that either they are at the same intelligence level or Republicans are at a disadvantage here. The fact that Republican repeatedly deny what is considered scientific fact, such as climate change and evolution, is a huge problem. People who have denied what scientists say is true have held back society all throughout history. Also, we have tried the laissez-faire economics (the Republican Party's economic policy) before in our country and it failed. It allowed monopolies to take over and it contributed to the Great Depression. It contributed to the Great Depression because after World War I, there was reduced spending, which caused the initial depression, and since the government didn't intervene and spend money on a stimulus, the depression kept on getting worse. FDR's New Deal, which was government intervention, saved the economy. Economists are also 2.5 times more likely to vote for the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, likely because they know the history that I just mentioned. It's not to say that the Republican Party is wrong with everything they stand for, but there could be some tweaks to their policies and stances. In the end, both parties are pretty bad because choosing your economic policy, fiscal policy, health care, actions concerning public education, actions concerning environmental issues, multiple social issues, gun control, death penalty, foreign policy, etc. by choosing one of two options is ridiculous. You can be fine with gay marriage, be against gun control, support Reaganomics, and support saving the environment at the same time. You don't need to align yourself with one of the major political parties.

  • Both parties make mistakes.

    Both parties are better at one thing over another. Both have made some good mistakes and some bad mistakes. As an example, in my opinion, democrats are more socially correct while republicans are more fiscally correct. But that is just me- we all have our own opinion of this issue.

  • Neither is smarter

    No one party is really smarter than the other, they both make some pretty big mistakes. Really if you think that one party is smarter than the other it all just boils down to what you believe in. Personally I can't stand either party but that's just my personal opinion.

  • Define the goals, intentions and policy of each party. You can't; it's too vague. Both parties are equal.

    Do you ever wonder why we waste so much time watching the Republicans and Democrats battle it out over something pitiful? Social issues, like gay marriage, gun control, and abortion are often argued as the preferred debates to grasp our country's attention. But why? Gay marriage, in reality, is VERY trivial.

    Most Americans will never know a homosexual on a personal basis, yet we'd like to think they're more common. This is because the topic of homosexuality is sponsored by State media. Propaganda, like film and television, is often used to back homosexuality. If a piece features homosexuals in a protagonistic or otherwise "good" role, then the show manages to get "acclaimed" ratings. Take Glee for example; I watch one episode by myself, think it sucks..-Watch with other friends who happen to like it, and decide "maybe it's good after all..."

    It's being told that it's good that makes us -fairly sure- that it's good. One film I'd like to mention is American Beauty, where one character featured adamantly right-wing and anti-homosexual views, but later was villainized-and-turned out to be gay himself at the end of the film. It beat The Green Mile for an Oscar despite the superior talent of the cast and crew of The Green Mile. Like I said-State sponsored trends. Now, most people will agree that The Green Mile was a better movie. It was simply a trend at the time to start pushing for a foundation of gay-advocacy.

    Here is the fun part. During the Supreme Court gay marriage debate, the president signed into law the Monsanto Protection Act, which had passed through Congress with bipartisan support. Our pitiful social problem in this country distracted us from what the leaders were doing-insuring that big businesses like Monsanto are protected, Democrats and Republicans together. Why is this? They know exactly what they're doing.

    Now, we look at "taxes" and trying to 'stop' big business from having so much power. One of the things pivotal in the Democratic agenda is raising the minimum wage, raising taxes on the "top-tier" wealthy, and giving the poor a "helping hand."

    The problem with this is social control, which I will give the Democratic Party a firm pat on the back for mastering. It has become clear to me, with years of study, that the main goal of the Democrats are to garnish as many votes as possible for as long as possible. Flip-flops on social issues are all too common in the Democratic Party, and politicians are NOT stupid like we wish to think. It is essentially bribery to advocate that we hand out money, demolish traditional values and the concept of American exceptionalism, and press distractions with propaganda. The only people that democrats would serve to lose are the people that they disagree with-the traditionalists and conservatives of America.

    To say the Democratic Party is smarter would ignore the fact that their followers/voters are heinously moronic. Masters-of-media.

    Republicans? Above-Average to sub-par intelligence. Functional-Traditionalists.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-05-28T19:33:14.053
They're both corrupt, so neither is smart.
GodWarrior says2016-01-26T20:03:19.117
Neither are smart. Like BrooklynHaze said, they're corrupt. Republicans deny certain people rights and Democrats don't practice the tolerance that they preach.