Is the Republican Party to blame for the shutdown of the U.S. Government?

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  • Everyone who voted yes is a complete idiot

    Lets get something straight, when one party crudely tries to defund a law that congress passed and that the president signed and that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional, and that law also happens to be perhaps the landmark legislature of this mans presidency, THEN THAT PARTY IS TO BLAME FOR THE SHUTDOWN.

    If the GOP passed a law that would ban abortion, congress passed it, president signed it, Supreme Court upheld it, and then the Democrats tried to pass a budget that defunded all efforts to fund the anti-abortion bill which the GOP quickly rejected, THEN THAT WOULD BE THE DEMOCRATS FAULT.

    DO YOU SEE THE SIMILARITIES HERE???? In scenario 2, the Dems are the a**hats. In the first scenario, its the republicans fault, in the second, its the democrats fault. The first scenario happens to be reality, the second one isnt, you cant still blame the Democrats for doing exactly what the GOP would have done when defunding one of their own laws....... So accept that The GOP is at fault in the government shut down or prepare to get your a** handed to you in 2016 when the next presidential election rolls around.

  • It Was Planned!

    Before Monday night, I would've said that each party shared some blame. Then, I saw televised footage of several GOP politicians promising to shut the government down. Some of the footage dated back to 2010! So, now, it is difficult to think this shutdown wasn't just part of the GOP agenda. Or should I say Tea Party?

    I have, over the years, voted for many Republicans. You could understand the party and what it stood for. But things have drastically changed. George W. Bush was far from fiscally responsible. That was an eye-opener. Then, this entire Tea Party movement geared-up. I don't understand using strong-arm tactics, like a bunch of thugs, on fellow GOP. I don't approve of even attempting to default the country (2011). Now, we have footage of campaign promises to shutdown the government. It's pathetic! The in-party chaos has gotten out-of-hand. Yesterday, life-long Republicans like Olympia Snowe & Peter King were going public ... Giving interviews on CNN & elsewhere ... Discussing the turmoil and their disappointment with the shutdown. I don't think that would be happening if it wasn't the GOP's fault! The blame lies with the Republicans. And I bet they will pay for it -- politically!

  • Reps wanted a showdown

    Because they got nuttin ' else. They got nuttin' for job. They got no health care ( medical care ) plan.

    They got no sympathy for hungry children. They got none of the love that was had by Jesus. They made a plan, whispered with the mic on and rolled

  • How can you argue that the republicans aren't to blame for the shut down

    When quite literally, they are the ones who shut down the government. You people are absolutely ridiculous, and I am ashamed to be on the same planet as you. Whine Whine. They wouldn't compromise. Whine Whine. Seriously, grow up. Not everything can be a compromise. And it's really amazing how some of you can't even realize how childish this is. Imagine if you kept arguing with your kids over any issue, and they asked for 'a compromise' 42 times. And then if they didn't get there way, they threatened to leave the house or something like that. Imagine if that's how life worked. Imagine if everyone whined like this when they didn't get there way and threatened to not do anything because of it. Why even have a political system if you can just shut it down if you don't get your way?

    Healthcare is important. And the way I see it, we already compromised when Obama took it right from a certain republican named Mitt Romney. I think it really sums up how outright insane this issue got when these people want to compromise on the health of other people. Gee, how very Christian of you. In fact, I guess Jesus was nothing but a socialist scum. Clearly the bible would have been a lot better of a book if he charged people to help them.

  • House Conservatives Have Gone Insane

    The Speaker can't control his own conference. Two dozen conservatives have taken control of not only the House GOP as a whole, but Congress in general. Boehner is too afraid of losing his job to violate the informal Hastert rule and put a clean budget up to a up-or-down vote. That budget would pass. The fact that the House GOP could put forth a budget, puts the blame on them. Congress should not be beholden to 24 extremists.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Acting like children

    Obviously there's a case to be made for arguing that both parties are responsible. From a purely technical standpoint this may even be correct.

    However, when you look at the context, the current deadlock is a direct result of a small group of Republicans essentially throwing a childish temper-tantrum over Obamacare. And the thing with Obamacare is that it's already been passed. And Obama won reelection after passing it. The time for opposing it ended long ago.

    The only problem is that a handful of juvenile Congressmen are unwilling to accept this fact, and perfectly happy to run the country into the ground in order to get their way. They have no business being in Congress if they can't put what's best for the nation ahead of their petty self-interest.

  • Of course they are.

    They continue to waste taxpayer time and money hacking away at something they have literally zero chance of accomplishing, rather than turning their attention to worthwhile causes. And considering that they are the ones that held out for this shut down, to say anyone else caused it is just silly.

  • Get over Obamacare

    They have attempted to get Obamacare repealed about 40 times. It's ridiculous and they only want to get it repealed because of the name. It's childish and they knew about the government shut down since last year and are only now choosing to do something about it after it is already too late...

  • Of course it is!

    One particularly strong support for this fact is that the house now has enough votes to pass a clean budget, but House Speaker Boehner refuses to hear a vote.
    There is also the fact that THEY VOTED TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT! The democrats didn't vote to shut the government down. They voted not to lose all their bargaining power. To say "why won't you just negotiate" is to not understand what the word negotiate means and to not know recent history. The democrats have been begging for negotiation for SIX MONTHS the republicans refused every time because they WANTED to get to this point where they could make demands by holding the government hostage. It's not negotiation to say "can I chop off your arm? No? How about your leg? No?"

    It's ridiculously convenient that they're only asking for a delay to ACA until AFTER the 2014 elections.
    They have failed to repeal it 42 times and the Supreme Court said it was ok. During the 2012 elections, they said whoever won would determine whether the ACA would stay.
    Republicans said that if Obama won, the American people will have decided.
    Now they're all against it. They're liars and hypocrites and it is ENTIRELY their fault.

  • Yes - the House leadership is denying a vote for a clean funding bill

    There are a lot of reasons.

    1. Many Republicans came into office promising to shut down the government and voicing support for such a strategy. No Democrats have
    2. Speaker Boehner could call a vote to fund the government, but he wont
    3. The GOP has a base membership that thinks that shutting down the government is a good idea - this is not true of the other side
    4. Shutting down the government is an open goal of the Tea Party and Libertarians
    5. The Republicans wanted to use the threat of a shutdown as leverage from the start.

  • The Blame Game

    It seems the Democrats have been playing this lately, to defend their inability to compromise. The Republicans are the ones submitting the budget, so why are they to blame? Simple, they aren't. Actually, if we are going to put people at fault, then blame the Senate. They are the ones who struck down the budget.

  • Most definitely not.

    In opposition to the popular opinion among Democrats, Liberals, Obama, and other people who are just uneducated on the topic, my opinion is that this shutdown is not the fault of the Republicans in the House. Their goal was to simply delay ObamaCare for a year, in order to have more time to work out amendments to the bill so that it would be agreeable to all Americans, rather than just the Liberals out there. However, the Democrats in the Senate refused to be bipartisan and compromise, so our government has been shut down.

  • It's a law! It's a law!

    Who cares if it's a law. That doesn't matter. The House of Representatives decides what to spend money on and what not to spend money on. The Senate does not get to decide that. The other side keeps shouting that Obamacare is the law and so the House should fund it. Do you not realize that the Constitution is the HIGHEST law of the land and it grants the power to the HOUSE to decide what they want to allow money to be spent on? If they don't want to fund Obamacare they do not have to. Whether you agree with it or not. This is not the first time funding has been denied. And it wont be the last.

  • It's Obama's fault

    The only reason that the Tea Party are throwing this "temper-tantrum" is because the president and the Senate are completely unwilling to even LISTEN to their opinions, let alone try to reach a compromise with each other. Last time I checked, one group completely ignoring the opinions held by another is not democracy: it's tyranny! I can guarantee you that dictators don't bother to figure out what other people think of their ideas either.

    Before anyone gets mad at that, no, I am not calling Obama a dictator. I'm just saying that he is a bad president that seems to have completely forgotten that there are people (a significant amount too, as the Republican-held House shows) who do not always agree with him.

  • Of course not

    It is the inability of both parties to agree on anything at all. It is all about pleasing their constituents. If the parties wanted to represent us they would cut government spending. Instead they raise the debt ceiling and argue over where money should go. Special Interests over the people.

  • Can't blame this on Republicans

    Here are some FACTS:

    -41 times the Republicans failed to overthrow Obamacare. So instead of trying to overthrow it again they COMPROMISED. The bill they introduced was to repeal the individual mandate (NOT OVERTURN ALL OF OBAMACARE).

    -Democrats still refused that bill. I repeat they refused to compromise with the Republicans.

    -On Sunday the 29th Democrats refused to show up to the Senate to debate the bill. Republicans however did show up.

    -Speaker of the House John Boehner called President Obama and Obama refused to negotiate with him.

    -On Monday the 30th afternoon, Democrats refused to debate a bill with Republicans 4 hours before midnight when the government would shutdown.

    How can you blame a political party for shutting down the government? Politics has nothing to do with it! That's how the government works. Its called checks and balances. The House and Senate don't agree with each other and can't pass a bill. Republicans are representing their constituents. And Democrats are representing theirs.

    But if you want to make it political just look at the facts I've given you. Democrats and Obama refused to debate or compromise with Republicans.

  • The legislative process demands a conference committee.

    Do a Google search on the legislative process. When the House and Senate disagree, a conference committee negotiates a bill for both bodies. The Senate has refused to negotiate. The President has refused to negotiate. The Republicans have offered numerous specific funding measures to open existing portions of the US Government,,, but the Senate has refused to negotiate. The President has refused to negotiate. They are responsible.

  • It's Senate Democrats who are to blame.

    Senate Democrats are huge babies. If they were really concerned about avoiding a government shut down, they would have signed off on the house's budget bill. So what if it doesn't include the not so affordable care act, it's a stupid bill that the house chose not to include in the budget and for good reason. It just goes to show that Democrats care more about the NSACA than keeping the government open.

  • The only ones who have shut down the US are the Dems

    The Democrats have shut the government down, that is just a fact. They are also petty by shutting down things that people will notice like the WWII memorial. They are also spending a lot of money enforcing the shut down, which makes no sense to me. Lastly, when the government shuts down and no one notices, it means there are too many people doing nothing of substance and getting paid for it. It's like someone out of leave for a month and their job functioning just fine. Alarm bells should go off. I have not been affected in any way and I hope the government never comes back. Strip it down to just the essentials.

  • Shifting the burden...

    The legislative branch is designed around debate. There is currently no debate, because one side is unwilling to move ahead.

    While it could well be argued that both sides are stubborn, the GOP has proposed one (or more) spending bill proposal every day since the shut-down began.

    I can't really tell who's winning the fight, but I can confidently state that the GOP is not to blame and they are far from being defeated on the issue.
    This could well be one of the best matched political battles of our time.

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