• They always seem like they are.

    I have met a lot of republicans and I do think they are angry. From the election of last year? Maybe that's why. I'm not sure but they seem to be angry all the time. Everyone is growing increasingly angry but eventually you have to get over it, we could be in it worse.

  • My conclusion is...

    I listen to both sides to get a better understanding. I truly feel there is a lot of anger on both sides. With all the opinions on gun control, abortion, welfare, immigration, church and state, gay/lesbian rights, racism, technology, unions, deficit, voting, political truth and lies, trusting law and order, legalizing drugs, taxes, corporations, business owners, small business owners, workers, health care, middle class, wealthy, greed, banks, credit unions, stock holders, lobbyists, insurances, fuel cost, energy, environment, poor, homeless, and the list goes on... My conclusion: Yes, the Republican party is angry: even though they say they want more freedoms, they seem to want to control the majority of the issues listed above. Business owners seem to be put on a pedestal as they shout, "Workers need to be more grateful!" I'm a Christian. Republicans, read the Bible. Free will. Love all. Don't judge. Give. Seriously, assault weapons? Greed? No.

  • I think everyone is too angry

    Anger clouds judgement and I think that bipartisanship has deteriorated to the point that legislators no longer do things with the people in mind, but they do it to spite those that they disagree with, in some cases. This helps no one on either side. I also think that the Republican party is not solely responsible for this either, as I think it is the case for the Democratic party also.

  • Yes, the Republican party is too angry because they are constantly attacking the president.

    The Republican party has shown that its members are becoming more angry with each day with President Obama in office. For some reason, Republicans get offended when God gets taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance even though it may not apply to all of the country's citizens. Republicans also become too angry over basic liberties such as abortion, marriage, and gender equality.

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