• I really think so.

    I have friends of the republican party and I do agree that sometimes they take their conservative views way too far. Not to say that for me, as a democrat. That's everyone, to be honest. However, I do think that the majority of the republican party are pretty much hell bent on the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman, pro life is the better way. This is 2013, get over it.

  • The Republican party has taken its conservative values too far.

    The Republican Party is way too extreme. This is what they get for being directed by the Christian Right in this country. They have taken those extreme conservative values way too far and they are alienating the average American and it really weakening their party. If this continues, they will continue to lose elections.

  • They have been Hijacked by the Tea Party.

    In recent years the GOP have been hijacked by far-right radicals AKA the Tea Party. Republicans of the past such as Ronald Reagan wouldn't recognise the party any more, back in his time the Republicans were a credible party, but since then the party has been taken over by the religious right and now repulse a great number of the electorate.

    In most other countries public opinion of people with views as extreme as that of Republicans is almost universally negative. The GOP would be off the acceptability scale in most other countries and would never be elected, they are too far right.

  • Cry the beloved party

    There was a time when Republicans didn't seek to abolish all government, but use government to the collective benefit of constituents. This has been less and less the case since that pivotal moment in 1964 when Barry Goldwater changed forever the political landscape of the American republic. The shift from "pragmatic government" to "no government" in stance reflects a myopic, stupid and recalcitrant position of obstinance that will only further harm both the economic potential and political culture of the United States to the extent that it continues. It is emblematic of a culture war not against the encroachment of liberty, but against the best interests of the American people in sum.

    Posted by: YYW
  • The voters decide

    In a democratic society, the only way that a party can be determined to be too extreme is when their beliefs differ so much from the voting public that they are alienated and not involved in any way. However, we see that the Republican party is very much a part of the country's legislation. As long as the party reflects the beliefs of the people who vote them in, they cannot be considered too extreme.

  • Reason for dislike

    First off, the republican party is losing power because it is keeping to the interest in bettering our economy. The democratic party is supported by millions of people who do not seem to realize the cost for the things that they want. Having luxuries like healthcare and an increase in importing goods will all need to be atoned for. It is selfish for us to put that atonement onto future generations. For the so called radicals in the republican party, they have tried all they can to get it through to the people what needs to be done to get of this course to economic collapse. Now more than ever the people of america feel that they deserve more rights, money, and privileges. Republicans who care about our future have no choice but to be "radical".

  • Not even close

    If anything they need to be more extreme. I don't mean this in the way you might think, they should top promoting aggressive wars for one thing which is one area where they are perhaps too extreme. However, there are many important issues where they just don't take a stand and they should. They claim to be the pro-life party but have done little to actually push the issue very hard at least on the Federal level. They say they are fiscally conservative but when it comes down to it they are usually willing to compromise. We need more people in the Republican party who can stand their ground.

  • They are giving up.

    The Republican has become more and more moderate over the years. They have moved on Gay adoption, tax cuts, spending and they are compromising even though they know it will hurt our country. They give up to Liberals. They say they will bring change and do new things to bring down the debt and fix this country; yet, they destroy it each and every day. They are no longer true conservatives. I am disappointed with these moderates who betray the party.

  • Of course not

    Of course the Republican Party is NOT too extreme. Are people not allowed to stand up for what they believe if they don't agree with you? It is absurd the Democratic party would suggest this (I am assuming here). But no, the party as whole is not too extreme. There are individuals who are, but both parties has those individuals.

  • Quite the Contrary

    The republican party in itself is in no way or form extreme. The Republican party has represented the same views for years, these have not changed. The 'progressives' (i.e, old liberals), have simply progressed, so this means America has moved further left. People just do not realize this, and therefore the republicans are now being considered radicals, because the progressives have progressed. The Republicans, for example, are not racist in any way or form, they simply want racial equality, but liberals want to take this equality to a new level and put the 'oppressed' on a pedestal, which they do not deserve. I am being relatively biased, but so is my counterpart on the yes side. The democrats, for example, support higher taxation on the wealthy, and Obama, the libs, and their organization can hide it all they want, but that is socialism in it's purest form. Socialism is the redistribtuon of wealth, meaning that if anyone is receiving less gov't services than they pay for, or is paying more than another person, so they can give that person gov't services, they are redistributing wealth, this is the basis of socialism. It is laughable to consider the Republicans bigoted or hateful, or in any way extreme. If anything, the democrats of this generation have moved to the extreme left, and the republicans have moved a little, if not at all. Look at Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower, etc. They would all be considered extreme conservatives compared to people such as Marco Rubio.

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