Is the Republican/Teapublican Party becoming less and less viable as a political party?

Asked by: rruthbj
  • Yes the Republican/Teapublican Party is Becoming Less Viable as a Political Party

    With the last election still ringing in their ears you would think they would have learned a thing or two. For instance a three ring circus does not make a political party. Defining Rape as legal and Girls as Easy to be Raped was a clear waste of taxpayers money. Yet they think it is a great way to talk politics. Spending more time on Religious theocracy instead of budgets is ring number two. Trying to erase all the humane programs for poor, elderly and sick looks and feels like being greedy. If they can't have it, no one can. Making peeking in bedroom windows to decide who should be married, who shouldn't have abortions and who should have healthcare from the government (them) and who shouldn't (the poor, sick and elderly) an art form. Again, were they helping run the world or just trying to make the world conform to the way they want it to look? These people should open their eyes to a bigger world. Try to care about the disenfranchised. Or at least pretend to be human beings with feelings deeper then their pocket book. Or they will go the way of the dinosaur.

  • Republicans less viable

    I fear the party's publicly professed views no longer appeal to the fiscal conservatives that have made it a powerful and respected opponent for the democrats. I am a democrat but I still find decline of the grand old party very sad. Our country needs 2 strong parties for productive debate.

  • Yes they are.

    I think that if you are looking for an answer to this question, all you have to do is look to the past two elections for the President in the USA. In both 2008 and 2012, the Republicans were absolutely smoked in these nations, which shows they are not as viable.

  • The Rich, White, Conservative GOP Must Change, But It Won't

    I have repeated this often in my blogs. The Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians are the Republican Party, the party of the Wealthy. Their sole purpose is protecting the wealthy and perpetuating a two class society where the wealthy control everything and get almost all the wealth and benefits. They are the top 20%, the Plutocracy, mainly the top 1%. They are destroying the America envisioned by President Abraham Lincoln who knew that labor was more important than capital.
    Many people are realizing this and voting Democratic even if they do not totally support all the causes put forth by the Democratic platform. So yes, the Republican/Teapublican Party is becoming Less and Less Viable as a Political Party. But, Liberal Democrats are assuming too much.
    Liberal Democrats are assuming that most Americans accept all the positions put forth by the Democratic Party; but, that is not even remotely true. Just because we voted for President Obama; it does not mean we accept all positions; he was the better of two evils.
    Most Americans do not support gay marriage, legalizing marijuana (even medical), granting amnesty to about 20 million illegal Mexican immigrants. Most Americans want the border fence completed and reinforced with thousand more troops in armored Humvees doing patrols 24-7. Doing that would stop the flow of from 100,000 to 200,000 illegal Mexican immigrants annually and hurt the Mexican Drug Cartel substantially. Wanting these things does not make us Republican.
    It is because of the press and TV station like MSNBC and News anchors like Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris-Perry, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton… promoting this liberal nonsense and trying to convince everyone that because we voted for President Obama, we support all liberal positions. We, the majority, do not.
    The Democratic Party was a progressive party that supported the New Deal under FDR (1932) that promoted welfare, labor unions, civil rights (for blacks) and regulation of Business. It was not a party that supported gay sex, legalizing harmful drugs or illegal Mexican Immigrants. In the 1930’s illegal Mexican Immigrants were denied jobs and sent back to Mexico; unlike now where the Democratic liberals think that we should open up the US-Mexican border and let them all in.

  • It really depends on how they go, but I don't think they're totally gone.

    I think that they've started to realize that they can't really keep depending upon the socially conservative base to support them anymore. It seems like the party line is starting to shift back to traditional conservative values, and that is definitely something that is going to make them viable in the future if they follow through with it.

    If they will start to embrace the more moderate stances within the Libertarian party lines, then I do believe that they will have a chance at a revival.

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