Is the residential real estate market just right for consumers looking to buy single family homes, condominiums, and co-ops?

  • The real estate market is right for consumers thanks to low interest rates.

    With the economy still having some of the lowest interest rates in recent history, it is a great time to buy because the overall interest payments would be significantly less. In addition, FHA loans are helpful to first time home buyers and offer reduced rates and require less down payments.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • The real estate market right now is a perfect buying opportunity, thanks to the bubble burst.

    Real estate, especially residential housing, are at historically low prices right now, and the markets around the nation are devastated. Any consumer looking to buy a home or condo should jump on any chance they get, right now. It's unlikely that prices will be this low again for a very long time.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • The timing is right, because interest rates, as well as home prices, are at their lowest.

    Anyone who desires to own a home should go for it. The interest rate for new homes is at its lowest, hovering at around 4 percent. There are many foreclosures to choose from and, if you don't want to risk buying one, new home prices are also at their lowest. You can buy a nice home for much less than you would pay 4 years ago.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • The residential real estate market has been hit hard, but I do feel that it has created a buyers' market for families and first-time buyers.

    I do believe that the weak real estate market has created a lot of opportunities for single families and other first-time home buyers, assuming that those buyers make smart investments and do not repeat the loan mistakes made by the last generation of home buyers.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Due to low interest rates and low prices, now is a perfect time to purchase a new residence.

    Home prices are lower right now than they've been in years. But, they are probably close to bottoming out. When the economy starts to pick up again, house prices will go up. Interest rates are also near historic lows, so it is a good idea to lock in a low mortgage rate now. Because of these factors, now is a perfect time to buy a new home.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • The residential real estate market has never been better to buy a home in, due to the current low interest rates.

    Although the real estate market for single-family homes is terrible for selling a house, it is the opposite for buying a house. Many homes can be bought at a much lower interest rates than ever before. Many homes are also being sold at a lower price than they were originally bought at. This is the best time to ever buy a home for a resident.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • It is if the banks that received TARP money would honor solid loans.

    I think that the market has been just right for consumers. The problem I feel we are facing is that the banks who received federal bailout money are not using that money to generate good sound loans. For some reason, it seems as though the banks are sitting on that money and not using it for its intended purpose.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Yes, with the current downturn in residential property prices, now would be an excellent time to buy.

    Overbuilding and unsound loan policies have created a marked downturn in the short term value of real estate property throughout the United States. As a result, residential property prices have dropped, and many first-time home buyers can now afford to purchase a home, while still maintaining a steady credit situation and not overstretching themselves financially. This is an ideal time to purchase property, whether as a long-term investment or to provide a secure family home.

    Posted by: taisiemay
  • I feel the residential real estate market is great for the purchase of single family homes, condos, and co-ops because the market is flooded with so many buying opportunities that prices have to be kept low to be competitive.

    Today's residential real estate market is great for getting in cheap, using the home, condo, or co-op to live and selling for a profit. It is a great time to raise a family in an affordable house. When the market upswings and the economy of our nation is back on track, the kids will be grown, and your house has only gained in value!

    Posted by: taboon
  • I do agree that the real estate market is just right for home buyers.

    There is an abundant amount of homes out there on the market. If a buyer can be approved for a loan then they are able to get almost anything that they could ever want in a home, depending on their budget. Even then, a person's budget is just a starting off point and many real estate agencies are willing to negotiate prices just to sell homes that may have been on the market for a long time.

    Posted by: ShoPPingMerri
  • The current real estate market is still artificially inflated, while the credit market makes buying a poor option.

    Due to the bursting of the real estate market, home prices are still artificially inflated and improperly high. Despite the numerous foreclosures, home prices still remain higher than their actual values, due to the real estate bubble of the early parts of the decade. More importantly, however, credit markets are virtually frozen, making financing a home extremely difficult for even those with excellent credit. It is a poor time to consider investing in real estate.

    Posted by: N3r0nKrooI
  • The market is just right for opportunistic investors, who have money to spend, buying up all the vacant properties that have gone months or years without maintenance.

    There is a glut of residential properties available at very reasonable prices, but the majority are foreclosed properties. The former owners were obviously not in the financial position to properly maintain their homes, and the financial institutions who became the "new" owners aren't doing anything to maintain them. So what is out there are many, many units with busted pipes, mold, insect and rodent infestations. That isn't an ideal market for the consumer who is looking for a home.

    Posted by: EweIICist
  • No, because U.S. unemployment rates are still really high.

    The national average unemployment numbers are still horribly high. This does not make buying a new home reasonable to family at this time, due to the risk of unemployment.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung

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