• Jesus survived his crucifiction.

    Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday. But Jewish law forbids work after sundown on Friday and on Saturdays. Thus, Jesus was allowed to be taken down from the cross just before sundown on Friday with the false verification to the Roman authorities that Christ was dead. Jesus was placed in the tomb to recover enough until Sunday when (Jewish workers were allowed to work again according to Jewish law) he was moved and mended back to life by his devotees. Later, after full recovery, Jesus moved to India, had children and died later in his late years. His secret was kept well hidden but a few knew who he was when he finally did die. They buried him in a tomb called Khanyar Rozabal located in the Khanyaar quarter of the city of Srinagar in Kashmir.

  • Yes, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is true.

    Jesus was resurrected from the dead. He died so that we may have life everlasting. He was the ultimate sacrifice. His resurrection was a symbol of rebirth in Christ, but also proved the power of the Lord. Jesus had spent many years teaching and performing what were seen as miracles. These miracles were manifestations of the power of the Lord, as was the resurrection of Jesus.

  • It is not a mere blind belief

    Jesus had enough enemies at that time who could have produced Jesus' dead body which demolishes the christian faith there itself. No man dares to proclaim something which is wrong and which costs his life. All the disciples readily accepted the persecutions which even lead them to death. If that was a mere belief no one would've dared to preach the Gospel at the cost of their lives. They were eye witnesses and Finally I find the explanation of Gamaliel (speaks in acts 5) to be a profound evidence of the resurrection. He says that if the teachings of the apostles are false, it doesn't last long..! But if it is from God no MAN can stop it.., which seems to be true today., No one could stop them and now Doctrine is being followed by the people from every part of the world...

  • There is good evidence to think so

    I've studied the resurrection of Jesus for a very long time now. I have taken a look at the best arguments for and against it. My conclusion is that there is a bedrock of data concerning the resurrection that natural explanations cannot satisfactorily explain. The empty tomb and appearances of Jesus all have good arguments in favour of them and together are very difficult to explain away.

  • Because He lives.

    If any one dies, thye remain dead, bu Jesus was the first to rise from the grave never to return to death. He is living today. I know this because, He answers me, if I ask for something. He hears me, He responds and guides me, and not only me. Thousands, millions, who have met Him can testify that He is alive. I remember the day I met Him. Our relationship has only grown, yes I hurt Him many times, and I ask Him to forgive me. Then He picks me up again. Believing that He is alive yes, does sound crasy. But what about believing someone you've met is not alive, or denying their existance, when the person is real, thats crasy.
    Jesus tries to meet with every person everyday. Its people that dont what to meet Him, tha turn Him away. The best thing to do is to make the choice to meet Him, He will reveal Himself to you, as only He can, and your life will never be the same again.

  • You have not experienced!

    I do not have to justify what I know to be right to those who are so blind as to not see what is staring at them in the face...ALL people voting no, say no, because they have no exposure to the true love of God. They have probably never read the Bible to an understanding where it challenges their life and the way they live it and therefore cannot relate to anything moderately spiritual.

  • Yes it couldn't be a lie

    Who would die for a lie. The apostles did not make up that Jesus was resurrected they all died for their beliefs. They did not make it up. Peter was crucified upside down. Andrew was crucified. Romans tried to burn John but when that failed they banished him to Patmos. James brother of John was executed for his belief. Philip was martyred in Turkey. Even doubting Thomas was crucified in India. Need I go on?

  • William Lane Craig's 4 facts about the resurrection that most credible historians believe

    FACT #1: After his crucifixion, Jesus was buried in a tomb by Joseph of Arimathea.

    FACT #2: On the Sunday following the crucifixion, Jesus’ tomb was found empty by a group of his women followers.

    FACT #3: On multiple occasions and under various circumstances, different individuals and groups of people experienced appearances of Jesus alive from the dead.

    FACT #4: The original disciples believed that Jesus was risen from the dead despite their having every predisposition to the contrary.

    The best explanation for these four facts is Jesus' resurrection. It is one of the most historically viable facts in ancient antiquity

    Read more here:


    The whole world celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ on Easter. God's word, the Bible, is 100% true where it states Jesus died, was buried, rose again and ascended into heaven. If Jesus was dead there would be no Christianity, how can a dead person deliver others from death? Thus, knowing Jesus is alive, Christians believe in his blood to save us from our sins. He is alive..

  • I believe it.

    Because our God is real and he loves us so much that he couldn't leave us to spoil our lives, so he send his lovely child, our brother, Jesus Christ, who came and died for us to be forgiven. So as God loves his son, he couldn't leave him dead, so he rose again the third day.

  • There is no physical evidence of this event, only literary

    For this claim to be valid, there should be physical, tangible evidence of this event's occurrence. A book/text does not have any scientific value, and can only be considered hearsay. Although there are several proven facts in the Bible, there are in Homer's Odyssey as well, and few would argue that it has little scientifically valid information about the existence of the Greek gods and Cyclops. If the basis of a belief is solely on what is found in several thousand year old pieces of paper that were pieced together in no particular order, that belief has little meaning.

  • of course not

    people dont come back from the dead

    if he crawled out of that tomb it was because he wasnt dead to begin with

    people should try to remember that there is no proof that a god even exists, that is why we have faith.

    let alone that he has a son !!!!!!!!!!

    also try to remember how the jesus STORY borrows heavily from previous myths.

    also consider that there is very little evidence that jesus existed at all

  • Not at all

    I don't think anyone with half a brain or is otherwise not brainwashed actually thinks that someone died and then rose from the dead three days later. Such a thing really is quite stupid to even believe, and really goes beyond common sense. The bible-thumpers will disagree with me though.

  • Please Read My Opinion

    Yes Jesus was alive at one point, and yes probably buried. But no he did not rise from the dead and there is no such thing as you body escaping the tomb when its sealed. If he did make it out he probably ran and died somewhere. If you believe Jesus, I respect your beliefs but honestly, how it it scientifically possible?

  • The Jesus Story is an amalgam of the many claimed Messiah figures of the time and older myths of the region

    There is no contemporary historical evidence Jesus of Nazareth even existed, and a great number of major problems with the story told in the Gospels. The Romans, arguably the best record keepers of all time, never mentioned him, nor did the Jews, nor did the dozens of scholars and historians living in and around the area at the time. The tale simply has too much similarity to older myths of the region to be taken at face value.

  • A Devastating NO

    The fact that this website exists and people are wasting time debating this ridiculous question haunts me. Of course the answer is no, all of you on the yes column have been blinded by manipulation and I pity you. Release yourself from these shackles of falsehood and fairytale so we can tackle real problems, climate change and income inequality.

  • There is zero evidence to support it.

    Not only is there a complete lack of evidence that anyone, anywhere has ever been resurrected from the dead through magical means, there are even debates (and understandable ones on both sides) about where Jesus the man even existed. To the degree that we can know anything didn't happen, we can safely say the resurrection probably never happened.

  • Yes and no.

    When asked if the resurrection of Jesus really happened most people answer with either a yes or a no. I must answer this with a no only as so far as historical fact will allow me given the definition. I don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead, why should I? To me holding onto such a thing cheapens it, ruins it even.
    An event in history is one moment, static, and frozen. If that is the way you wish to think of the resurrection than so be it. I see the resurrection in its true power as a symbol. A symbol that lives, it is dynamic, vibrant, and happens everyday.
    If you take the resurrection as a symbol, that's where the true power of the resurrection lies, it can happen everyday in each one of us. If it is taken as history then it is dead, our very being denies it. In me it lives as a symbol of great power, not of sacrifice or bloodshed, but a way to be.

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